Arcturian Starseed ambassador René, a.k.a. ARCTURUS RA #crackpot #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger #conspiracy #quack ra-key.com

Arcturian Starseed ambassador René, a.k.a. ARCTURUS RA, awakened to his purpose, shares his personal activation or remembrance of being an Arcturian Scientist and Starfleet Commander. He discloses the stepping into his mission to help this planet restore it’s original consciousness. He also shares his knowledge of the mysteries of the Universe, how to bio-hack yourself into seeing other dimensions, where we go at night when we sleep and much more fascinating information about his (and our) E.T. heritage.
Ra, as an experiencer, had Essassani walking with him, having been “taken” multiple times.

With a strong connection to Sirius, he knows his cosmic family is from the Arcturian Northern Hemisphere Bootes Constellation.

To this day, he has many encounters with positive E.T. beings from these places, receiving downloads from them and turning those into technology.
Ra holds a Master’s Degree in electrical engineering and computer technologies. He is also self-taught in photonic fusion and bioresonance devices or the building of such. He feels that the secret of the pyramids, vortices, power spots, fountains or holy places with seemingly miraculous properties has been lost.

As an “extra-celestial” soul he has memories from past lives in Atlantis, Lemuria and Planet Maldek before it was blown up. He also remembers his home planet Arcturus. He came to Earth with his ship and crew through the gateway in the sun and is projecting himself from a future timeline backwards in time and into this vessel to help raise the planet's frequency.

As a starseed, his main mission protocol is to re-establish cosmic memory, get the “Hue Man Avatar” switched on again and help the planetary citizen awaken into galactic remembrance.

His assisting Arcturian technology is all about natural resonance with the field we call “Source”. As RA would say, “seeing is believing but feeling is knowing” and when many come together on that notion we create worlds.