Eugen J. Winkler, based on Jakob Lorber #crackpot #dunning-kruger #magick jakob-lorber-bilder.de

[Translated from original German by submitter]
The Sun is not a glowing ball of gas, but a rather an absolutely perfect planet!
Yet if the Sun is a perfect planet in and of itself, it most certainly also must contain to the most perfect degree all those planetary components that occur on all the smaller planets orbitting it in very diminished potency. […]

The outer layer of the solar atmosphere is viscous and behaves as a liquid. On the outeide, it is smooth as a mirror. On this gigantic outer shell, the light of billions of other suns (stars) are reflected and amplified by the curvature. A small portion of this light is used up by the Sun itself, yet most of it is reflected back into space, and so, the enormously hot corona around sun globe is formed. This outer layer of air is called the Light Shell.[…]

The sun eruptions and sunspots that we can observe from Earth are a form of giant volcanic eruption (sun tumours) on the Sun.[…]

All matter of a planet or a sun is nothing but the visible manifestation of imprisoned primal forces or spirits.

image"Two inhabitants observe the eruption of a sun tumour - when the event is over, black-grey ash remains at the spot, which is then used as best fertilisers for their gardens.

Eugen J. Winkler, based on Jakob Lorber #ufo #crackpot #racist jakob-lorber-bilder.de

(Translated from the original German by submitter.)

The inhabitants of the planet Mars
Some science fiction author once invented te term of the “little greeen men” , who supposedly live on Mars! But that name is not all that far from the truth, as in reality, they do indeed wear a green cloak for clothing. Their skin colour however is light brown,. They are, with an average body site of ca. one metre, the second-smallest human beings within our solar system.
The planet Mars is the materially poorest and most desolate within our solar system. The human beings on MARS are, from a material point of view, of unsightly and less beautiful form, are small and a bit fat, and are lacking in anything else attractive in their extreior. Their colour is lightbrouw, but sometimes going into the rather dark - Their physiognomy has similarities with our Greenlanders, some lapplanders and eskimos. - Their clothing consists only of a form of apron, which is tied around the neck and cover from there the entire body to the knees with several folds. It has the same form for both men and women. For the two hands, there are simply two openings left on both sides, so that people can extend their hands through these to perform some kind of work; when they have no work, however, then they withdraw their, after all not too gracefully-looking arms back under the cloak.

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