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RE: Video: SA Lockdown Day 32 I Situation in the Afrikaner town of Orania

(David Reyher)

Negroes are huffing feces to get high, eating magic albinos as healthfood and banging virgins to cure AIDS.

Whites cooperate to produce more food than they need during a pandemic.

They got together and decided negroes should run the country. Geniuses all.


What I love about the Afrikaners, Orania... they could restart the entire white race just from there alone. It only takes one small group of whites to get it right this time. The next time, they will not use other races as cheap labor and it will be instilled in their genetics, people who love to farm and do their own work. From this small group of 2000 could be the next wave of 30% of Earth's population, permanently! While the the whites everywhere else in the world are becoming racial minorities in their own countries, these people are getting stronger because they made a decision about who they are and what they want for their future. They could repopulate Europe after it falls to 3rd world ruin. The world around them will fall to chaos, they will be organized and strong. No more Romes, no more globalism.

And I hope the San people of southern Africa do the same, find a way to isolate, survive and thrive. They too were nearly destroyed by the blacks.

(Roger Cliftonville-Acton)

" It only takes one small group of whites to get it right this time. "

Amish are way ahead of you there...

the Amish are one of the fastest growing populations in the world – and new research indicates that in 215 years, their numbers could be greater than the current population of the United States (327.2 million).

One thing that I note about the Amish, is that there seem to be zero calls for them to ensure the 'correct' non white representation despite them being completely white. Its like as ZOG realizes the Amish only work for themselves, or any work they do for the non-amish will be manual and thus of limited taxable value...their labour is at pre-industrial rates of productivity and well...the big city finance parasites cant steal what isnt there. That and their repudiation of the Televitz means its difficult to brainwash them into not reproducing/multiplying themselves.



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