knightlautrec #transphobia #pratt

The fuck is inappropriate with the word Wendigo? Fuck this. If they're gonna side step all the native stuff for muh colonialism white guilt and stuff fuck this edition. It's already doomed. I also imagine they're gonna try and put less emphasis on how based werewolves are. Because gaaaaayssss. Ten thousand dollars they're gonna start including tranny Furies and gifts to change gender that are permanent and not just man skin. They allow metis males but never in a thousand years would they allow a true male especially considering their decades of culling male true.

But this complaining about BF isn't new. This classic sperging from 2016 shows its already begun and poor troons were crying about an all female tribe for ages...Which is hilarious to me. Since again, a female only thing is cried about by woke left men who call themselves feminist for not accepting men who think they have dominion over the space of women just because they say so. The irony of it is just...astounding. I don't even like Furies all that much as a tribe but they at least have a hard line stance that flavours them and they are uniquely female in the very least.

Onyx Path discord is full of trannies though. So that tells you something. W5 is probably going to be bad honestly. I was semi interested but this development of censoring a word for being 'bad' is red flag one.



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