Brian Matthews #fundie #homophobia

What's your definition of love? Does it include TRUTH? Righteousness? Purity? Humility? Wholesomeness? Morality? Order?

Too many people are throwing the word LOVE around, these days, without even knowing what love is.

Allow me to tell you what love isn't. Love isn't being nice. It isn't warm fuzzy FEELINGS. It isn't telling people what they want to hear instead of what they NEED to hear. It isn't giving them what they want instead of what they NEED. It isn't following them when you are responsible for LEADING them. It isn't being more concerned with them liking, and accepting you than you are with doing what's best for them even if they hate you for it.

There's no courage involved with going along with the crowd. It's the path of least resistance. Anyone can do it.

No one is homosexual. That's a lie.

Every time you tell someone that they are gay, you are helping to destroy them. You may mean well, but it's been said the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.



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