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RE: It’s Simple, The Woke Are Racist

(Cool PapaJMagik)
It really is despicable that so many so-called “conservatives” condemn good people who focus on stopping anti-huwite attacks. It’s like most are okay bringing up the fact that we’re the only group you can joke about and dis cri min ate against, but any good man of courage that comes out and says “we must protect ourselves and look out for our group” ends up being denounced and called all sorts of names by their own team. We huwite people need to open our eyes. No anger or fear, just don’t let people abuse you for your color without at least having to hear from you about it. Don’t go crazy, but we have to speak up before we can’t anymore

(Minion Daechir)
Funnily enough, this reminds me of a twitter poll (I think by some leftist) asking if racists or the LGBT are more accepting.

The racists won handily with 69% of the vote (true meme magic), citing that all racists can unite over their love of being racist and as such have a banter-filled camaraderie, in comparison to the LGBT who have been cited as to "not tolerate even a single case of wrong think."

Though, I do want to separate the dishonest woke racists talked about in the video from the twitter banter racists represented in the poll.

(Gallen Dugall)
This is what you get when you keep telling the Black community, the most commonly racist people in the US, that their racism is good.

(Dante Banducci)
No, there IS a community that’s WAY worse but they are so powerful and utterly evil I can barely name them on YouTube…

Community? LOL packs of hyenas have more nuanced societies

We are at the point being for the rights of white people isn't being a white supremacist it's just wanting some form of equality.

Every other race is allowed to be mindful of their collective interests but not huwites in their own indigenous countries. Strange that.



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