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A powerful free, open-source tool for manifestation, blessing, energy clearing, healing, balancing and more.
Repeat your intention over a million million times per second to make things happen (with C++ MAX version).
Tap Intelligent Infinity/Magick; powered by a black hole (HR6819 Servitor) 20 years / 2000+ hours in its co-creation.
8) Enter your intent.
9) Enter Y/N for Gut/Heart/Mind Coherence.
10) Enter Y/N to clear interference.
11) Enter Y/N to use Akashic Records.
12) Enter Y/N to use Quasar (a powerful energy source).
13) Enter the intensity.
14) It will run in memory. There is no audio or video output.
15) Sit with the energy and be present with it. It's ok if you don't feel it. It's ok if you have to get up and do other stuff.
Sample Intentions:
I feel loved and nurtured.
I am integrated and whole and I am a crystal through which the Universe shines.
All my chakras are healed, cleared and balanced perfectly.
I AM Universal Love.
Whatever needs to be done gets done in my energy to progress spiritually and physically.
I am extremely pure and of highest vibration for the highest good of all.
Everything in my environment, including me, is extremely pure and of highest vibration
and blessed with and full of healing, clearing and balancing of me and everyone around me for the highest good of all.
Negative intentions will be cancelled.
Refresh page for a new intention.

If the energy gets too much, stop using temporarily.
This software comes with no guarantees or warranty of any kind.

This program works with you, so it's best to think about what you are intending
while running it (off and on).
This tool compliments meditation nicely.
This can also be used for manifestation (don't be too attached to the result).
We do not save your intention.

The Python3 version can run over a million repetitions per second.



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