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I work in a bank, so most of my coworkers (tellers) are women.

Well, there’s this older, retired guy that comes into the bank every other day or sometimes everyday; he’s very lonely. This guy is in a wheelchair, but has the most amazing mindset. He comes in to talk to me a lot since I’m his personal banker, but he tries his best to get with/flirt with the female tellers, but they always shoot him down. They always make jokes about him not having a lot of money, being desperate and strange. I genuinely feel bad for him considering his whole family is dead and that he is a great guy at heart.

So, today, he came in to deposit a $250k check he got from a settlement. He was talking to me about all his plans with it and how happy he will finally be to be able to afford his dream car.

WELL, of course this caught the attention of the women that work with me. One of the tellers that constantly rejects him just so suddenly decided to carry on an intimate conversation with him. They were giving him all the attention he never got from them before. I make the deposit into a Money Market and he leaves.

Soon as he leaves, the women congregate and decide who is going to go after him. I swear I’m not joking. One coworker was making plans to just call him about an “error on his account” in hopes that it goes up from there. The other coworker that never cared for him was thinking about finally telling him that she was single and that she would “finally have enough time this weekend to see him.”

They’re preying on this man’s weakness in order to take his money, when they would not have given him a thought a day ago. This man is the nicest old man I have ever met, and they’re willing to take advantage of him because they’re not smart enough to get their own money.

Guys, I’m sure you already know this, but if you’re successful and women know it, do NOT give them any access to your funds.


Yup women are disgusting. I’m just some average mongoloid rice cel so women (especially white women) just ignore me and my ugly ass mongoloid face the moment they see me. But due to my inceldom, I managed to save a shitload of money (you tend to save a lot of money when you have no girlfriend and no dates and no hobbies) so my deposits are always very large. The moment they see my deposits suddenly this asian banner starts treating me nicer, even agreed to go on a drink with me. Suddenly during the drinks, she realised that I was an ugly guy so she felt the need to tell me that she “doesn’t date”. I just paid the bill and left. Lol disgusting creatures, they are shallower than 1 million incels put together.



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