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Feminists are under a distorted perception of reality which makes them regard actual equality, as discrimination, and hence to act in practice to replace what is in fact a balance, with what is actually discrimination in favor of women.

Imagine a game where David and Sarah are standing on a flat floor in complete darkness, in a room where apples are hanging from the ceiling on strings. David realizes Sarah is eating something and raises his arms in the dark a little to find something to eat. When this doesn't bring him to any apples, he becomes angry and shouts that Sarah has a box under her legs, that gives her "potential advantages".

He demands an actual wooden box, "to balance" Sarah's box. Remember that we know that none of them have any boxes under their feet.

The production slips him one.

Well, now David's false belief that he is being discriminated against, makes him, the one who created discrimination - against Sarah. The hungry Sarah complaints that David now has an advantage, but David replies, "this only balances".

Sarah's hunger makes her more and more desperate to eat, and she starts jumping, higher and higher, until she finds an apple, and although exhausting, the practice makes her quite good at grabbing apples in the dark.

David now shouts, "Sarah has a much bigger advantage - she has more than one box, while I have only one!" And he demands, that hammers will be brought down on what's under Sarah's legs - "to remove the advantage!"

But if there is no box in the first place under Sarah's legs, those hammers, would not be crushing boxes (privileges) but flesh and blood (basic rights). David's box is a privilege and not a right, his hammers are eliminating a right, not a privilege, and both things are not the creation of equality, but of inequality. But feminists believe there is a transparent box under every man's feet and this is why they try to crush any basic equality of men while believing they are creating equality.



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