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One Last Push And We Will Win

[...] I have been having the same arguments with the other side over and over again and it's gotten to the point where I won't bother to interact with anyone who has been pro-trans for more than a year because the chances of us both just having the same circular conversations we've had a thousand times before is too great to exert much energy on it again. [...]

But now the general population is waking up. There is a new audience that has never heard our logical arguments, and who is open to hearing our views. [...] We need to get back to basics in reiterating our views. Discussions we figured we had won years ago will need to be brought up again, not as ideas that we want to convince them of, but as items we can present as facts this time.

Where before we were arguing with pro-trans people about whether some men can become women and addressing all their usual lunacy, this time we need to start conversations with newcomers with the fact that human beings cannot change sex and go from there.

"We all know human beings cannot change sex regardless of medical interventions or what a person feels their soul to be, right? Therefore men can never be considered to be women in any circumstances." We need to keep it that simple.

The demented arguments the transborg used to bring up (clownfish, the clitoris is just a micro-penis, born in the wrong body) are not talking points likely to come up with normal people. The average man and woman on the street aren't stupid. They want to be kind but not at the expense of reality, and especially not at the expense of the safety of children. (that's one thing that will swing this our way quickly - trans largely aren't parents, and parents will do anything to protect their kids).

This time we can control the narrative, because the debate has been blown open by recent very public events (YMCAs with men flashing girls in the women's showers, the madness in Scotland, etc) so we can talk about this stuff openly. We can even pretend we have only just become aware of the situation ourselves and make all the great points that we have honed over the years to make the logic sound fresh.

I really think we are on the downhill run now, but we can't sit back and enjoy the ride. We have to make one last push so the momentum outruns us and we have to step out of the way of our own success. I truly believe 2023 is the year we win.



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