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But naw, this shit was triggered because I used the word “faggot”. That’s fine. Get mad! I’m letting you know right there that I don’t want you creeping that bullshit into Sonic. You already have Last of Us, Battlefield (the same franchise that diminished the Harlem Hellfighters, btw), you even got Trini from Power Rangers for fuck’s sake, and all the best options in Mass Effect. You even bullied Nintendo into giving you a gay option in Tomodachi Life. You made Ice Man gay. You have Wiccan and Hulkling, and Batwoman. You have plenty of newer franchises coming out with gay shit in it. You…. do not…. ever…. need to go… to an older franchise… and transform the main character… into… a….. FAGGOT! There is no good reason for it. None whatsoever. And if we’re being honest, that would go against creator intent anyway. Sonic was intended to have a hetero love interest before the first game came into existence. Everyone knows about Madonna’s ass. There was intent to create another one, Tiara Boobowski, since Sally could barely squeeze in a game appearance. But everyone was on the same page. Sonic is fucking STRAIGHT! “Oh but he’s never had an active romance within the games“, nevermind 06 which shipped the hell out of Sonic and Elise. The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. What, you gonna say Shadow’s gay too? His creator ships him and Maria (which in itself is fucking creepy, but eh).

Lets just stop the dance for a minute. Gay people saw the success of the Sonic movie, and now they want to use the newfound relevance of Sonic as a springboard to push homosexuality onto CHILDREN. Strictly about increasing their dating pool for the future. That’s it. I’ve said it before, they are opportunistic jackasses who see everything in the world as a tool to push their own agenda. Sonic as a franchise has been deranged enough as it is, it does NOT need this bullshit. Every time you get a gay ANYTHING, it’s celebrated like the second coming. Trini from the Power Rangers movie was a SHIT character, but the mere implication of her having a habit of doing the scissor dance was enough to get praised in articles online. Tangle and Whisper are unappealing characters outside of their sexuality, and people were on a tear about Tangle wanting to fuck Blaze for a hot minute. This has nothing to do with the quality of these characters, and everything to do with this push. Everyone says the same thing in regards to gays. “It’s fine so long as you keep it away from me“. Gay people DON’T honor that at all. They (or their media supporters) have this obsessive need to inject their lifestyle into everything that has a pulse, electronic or otherwise. And I’m sick of it. If you actually enjoyed the series, you would not push for a change in it. You only do that if you see a PROBLEM! Sonic being straight is not a problem! Unless the image of straight people is problematic for you. Then who’s really insecure?

And…. where the hell did we get this idea that being open to the idea of Sonic being gay is “manly“? What the fuck? Like… the “GAY COMMUNITY” can dictate masculinity or some shit. Maybe that phrase has some meaning to it. “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach“.



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