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They must repent or be considered heretics.

Take back your churches.

@EmeraldRobinson One of the most dangerous things you can do today is randomly walk into a church, sit down and accept what the preacher is saying as the truth. It's not new. The early church also had their share of fakers. It's no different than the state of politics. We've got RINOS in congress and we've got satanists in our churches. But we are warned of this in the Bible. We are told that is is noble minded to search the Scriptures daily to see whether the things spoken are so. We are told to never trust in men or princes. But to trust in God. Read and know the Gospel, as written, for yourself. We are saved by faith in Christ alone. We challenge our politicians. We need to start challenging our pastors and others in the church. Not rudely, but with respect.

@EmeraldRobinson Our churches have become so feminized that I kind feel gay just attending their services. Men need to take back our churches and install real men of God in the pulpits!

Jesus cast out demons. He did not welcome them into His Church.

@EmeraldRobinson The degenerate "nuclear family" is nothing worth preserving, you must go further back long before the "nuclear family" to the traditional family!
The nuclear family was just a phase in the destruction.

@EmeraldRobinson all protestants are heretics

All unorthodox really

And I don't mean this rudely

Protestantism opens the door for this kind of thing.



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