TheOGJammies #sexist

Dear Reddit LibFems: Nobody died and made your self important asses the gatekeepers of feminism. We're not "fake feminists" because you don't agree with us, nor are you as inclusive and non-judgmental of women's choices as you pretend you are.

The cognitive dissonance in pretending to be inclusive while actively stomping out dissent for your personal narrative is astounding. Sounds like they’re just mad we exclude Pickmeishas instead of going on SWERF and TERF hunts like them and wallowing in victim politics. We don't exclude the women they exclude and therefore we're the "wrong" kind of feminists.

And yes that mean's men paying for dates, contributing financially and otherwise demonstrating they're fit enough to have their offspring make it to the next generation. Why? Because we're the deciders, and we get to decide the decisions, and nature didn't make sexual and reproductive labor fair, and therefore we aren't either. If you don't feel confident your pussy is worth a $30 dollar dinner date and it makes you "uncomfortable" when men pay that's on you sis.

So let me get this straight, if I get paid to put on a school girl costume and call men daddy while being slapped in the face and then sell the video on the internet for strange scrotes to fap to, I’m more feminist than if I refuse to pay on dates and only date men who can carry more financial load? This is some Clown logic. Dudes are out here paying hundreds of dollars to sniff strangers' panties but for some reason FDSers are the outrageous ones? I would think the absolute indignity of making yourself into a sex object specifically tailored for male consumption would be the more problematic and less effective road to travel to equality but apparently that's SWERF logic and setting women back.



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