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[From "My Nation Blessed Israel and All I Got Was a Mulatto Tranny Grandchild"]

When I was a child in the 1990s, evangelical preachers and televangelists were claiming that God would “bless” a nation that “blesses” the genocidal Jew state of Israel

Yet, here were are, 30 years later, and America has consistently “blessed” Israel. We have given them hundreds of billions of dollars over the last decades, and we have spent trillions fighting wars for them
Once a religion that condemned the Jews as the murderers and rejecters of Christ, American Christianity has continued a process of being restructured to set Israel and the Jews at the center of it[…]American Christians accepted the reclassification of Christianity as “Judeo-Christianity”
The deal was sealed in 1992 when Pat Buchanan lost the Republican primary to George H.W. Bush
At the same time that we blessed Israel, we also endorsed homosexualism, feminism/abortion, mass immigration and race-mixing, and someone could argue that this is why we are doomed. What I think evangelicals would claim now is that the blessing from blessing Israel couldn’t overpower the curses of endorsing every form of immorality. However, it was the Jews behind all of these corrosive agendas
The Moslems tended to get along much better with the Jews
According to the bizarre evangelical doctrine, during the entire Middle Ages, God was on the side of the Moslems against Christians
The evangelicals mocked the concept of a blessing from God by associating it with blood-drinking Jewish murderers and sex perverts



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