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RE: Zimbabwe Agrees to Pay $3.5 Billion Compensation to White Farmers

(American Tax Payer)

I bet that either Europeans and/or Americans will pay it. Somehow, someway, they'll get that money through Aide but I bet the Farmers won't see a dime.

"But the southern African nation does not have the money and will issue long term bonds and jointly approach international donors with the farmers to raise funding, according to the compensation agreement."

International donors doesn't mean Mexicans.

Asians and Middle Easterners got some money, and Isreal too but I bet none of them will fork over one red cent.

If Israel forks over any money, consider the massive annual aid it gets from US taxpayers - that is where that 'donation' from Israel would come from.

Oh yes, I know. Isreal gets more money from us goyim than all the other countries get. And, Our Beautiful Young White Men are sent to slaughter in the wars our Zionist Controlled State Department creates.

The real disgrace in all this is not Africans acting like Africans but the way the Anglo-sphere abandoned the Rhodesians. The White Commonwealth nations (UK, Canada, Australia, NZ) should have worked together to resettle their fellow ethnics in one of the three realms, most appropriately 'underpopulated' Australia. Heaven knows all four have no problem bringing in hoards of racially unrelated, hostile, third world aliens.

What an excellent point but sadly, SJW and some "Christian" Whites don't care. I relayed a story here awhile ago about the "Christian" radio station I was listening to and called in when I heard them start talking about slavery in Africa and how we need to stop it so I called in and asked what they were doing about the Mudlims Enslaving the British Children in England and was told, "the world is complicated". In other words, they don't plan on helping White People, not even White Children. This is so Biblical, it ain't even funny. In the Last Days, the Churches would become corrupt. Well, you can't get anymore corrupt than that.


The Anglo-sphere more than abandoned the Rhodesians - it turned on them and played a major role in overthrowing their society and wrecking their lives.

I say the money to compensate the white Rhodesian farmers should come from a tax on US negroes. (a). Which group of voters in the US more zealously voted for the leftists here who sought the downfall of productive and civilized white Rhodesia to bring about the Mugabe/negroid catastrophe that was and is Zimbabwe? (b). By all rights, after 1865 the negroes of the USA should have been resettled back home in Africa, whence they were 'so wrongfully taken'. Instead, they have been allowed to stay in this country - discovered, settled, pioneered, won, built and maintained by whites. As a result they have the highest standard of living and longevity of negroes anywhere on planet earth - absolutely towering above the negroes of any African country. The negroes of the US have (and had) a standard of living that is insanely higher than in any negro country, and it is because of the white race. They mightily owe something to whites, somewhere, for this. For their role in enabling the (((Marxist)))/negroid ruination of life for white America's racial blood brothers in Rhodesia, the US negroes owe compensation. The amount US negroes spend annually on potato chips, pork rinds, car air fresheners, Air Jordans, crack cocaine, bail, spinning hubcaps and rap music ought to about do it.



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