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Section 3 includes the worst questions of all to ask 11-13 year-olds. These required questions invade students’ medical privacy and normalize things that no child should be thinking about, much less acting on. The question about talking to a “supportive adult” means a pro-LGBT person who can “counsel” them without their parents’ knowledge.

The questions about anxiety and depression are purposely meant to lead the child to think in that direction, and seek “help” from the school – often in the form of pro-LGBT counseling. This has led to terrible consequences.

The questions about sexuality similarly lead the child to think he is out of step if he is not engaging in sexual activities.

Mentioning “PrEP” (an HIV-preventative drug, which the survey incorrectly writes as PREP) will surely lead to curiosity about homosexual sex practices (and the belief that it can be safely engaged in). And mention of “dental dams” is intended to normalize oral sex.

Note that "competent health care" means health care "that can help you understand your identity" - i.e., accepts the radical LGBT ideology regarding children.

It should be no surprise that so many young children are falling into transgenderism, anal and oral sex, and other terrible behaviors. This is a window into the extreme and very destructive agenda being pushed on young children in their schools that parents and the public rarely see.

We have much more to present from our inside sources. In order to stop this carnage, it’s necessary to know what’s happening behind the scenes and where it’s coming from.



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