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It’s illegal for minors (people under 18) to vote, get tattoos, purchase or drink alcohol, purchase cigarettes, enter adult strip clubs, or buy pornography, but Proglodytes want to chop off their genitalia or add fake ones. Hospitals and healthcare corporations push ‘gender affirming’ programs, hysterectomies, and transgender surgeries on kids who should be occupied with playing sports, hanging with their friends, having a crush, going to school dances and attending pep rallies. The medical community has turned into an industry of child mutilation for profit. The “First, do no harm” concept in the Hippocratic Oath has been eradicated for money.

Kids are being sexualized by perverted LGBTQ+ABCDEF (insert the rest of the acronyms here) and pedophiles who use their positions to push this shit. Children don’t have the capacity to understand the complexities of sex, gender, or the depraved projections of the Left.

“Gender identity” and all the insane concocted ‘pronouns’ did not originate with kids or mentally stable people. Kids don’t think of that shit on their own. It started with unhinged lunatics who pushed this abnormal behavior in the media and in schools. People are sick of it and they’re fighting back. What’s really funny is the hissy fit thrown by these freaks after their videos are exposed by LibsofTikTok and other sites. Simply posting their insanity for everyone to see is enough to bring a meltdown.

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Downey, California is a suburb of Los Angeles and a predominately Democrat city. Its 5-member City Council includes two openly “gay” men, including the Mayor. The Mayor helps run the Los Angeles County LGBTQ+ Elected Officials Association.

Nevertheless, four years ago MassResistance had a surprising victory in that city! We organized Downey families to successfully force the School Board to completely remove a Planned Parenthood sex-ed curriculum from the school system.

Pride Flags ordered to fly during June for past 3 years

For the past three years, the City Council enthusiastically passed a resolution ordering City Hall and other city properties to fly the LGBT rainbow flag during the month of June to commemorate “Gay Pride” month. This outraged lots of families in the city who see it as a blatant act forcing the city to celebrate an anti-Christian movement pushing sexual perversions.

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I won't be talking about Tom Serano's biology because it has been shown again and again, for example in the links in this post by @heathercho, that he knows fuckwit. My issue is with his metaphysical claims. Serano asserts that the "gender-sex distinction is rooted in Mind-Body Dualism", but this cannot be right because genders are social roles, and social roles (the expectation to do something in society) presupposes the existence of a body -- indeed, the existence of more than one bodies, for there can't be a society with a population of one.

Serano is right in that Mind-Body Dualism is unpopular in both Philosophy and Feminism (Science never had patience for it at all), but guess what, troons are the strongest believers of Mind-Body Dualism! Just ask a troon where is his "femaleness" located. It can't be in the body, because Biology is transphobic (not to mention that, by popular assent among troons, a troon is not any less trans because he doesn't take estrogen and has no plans to get a dickchop). It can't be in society, because society expect them to take up male roles. His only recourse is to admit that it is all in his mind (or in mental constructs such as language), and that his mind is independent from his body, each has its own identity.

Prove to me that Mind-Body Dualism is true and I might re-evaluate the assertion "trans women are women".

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Well, great. Maybe there are. But what, exactly, does that tell us about human behavior or human morality? Peacock wants us to think that it tells us a great deal. “This is a queer planet,” the trailer gleefully informs us, for “queerness has always existed.” You just haven’t realized this because you’re so, like, uptight, man: “It’s only in humans that we have such a stigma about it.” For actually, “Mother Nature is pretty open-minded.”

Here again, we see the incoherence of the left. “Mother Nature” is “open-minded,” eh? So there is a conscious being who created and governs the universe? Many, if not most, leftists, would sneer at that idea, for they have rejected the idea of a God who delineates the parameters of morality. The universe is blind and random, they insist, and that means that there really aren’t any parameters of morality at all, and anything goes.

That, however, would mean that these allegedly gay animals aren’t really examples for us to follow, but just random beings doing meaningless things. And so Peacock invents its own god, to whom it gives the venerable name of Mother Nature, and invests her with its own morality, which involves the dogmas that “sex is not just for reproduction” and that “nature is full of queer surprises.”

In saner times, mothers would tell their children not to behave like animals. The idea of emulating them as moral exemplars never occurred to anyone. After all, it’s a dangerous path to start traveling down. Once we justify “queer” practices on the basis of all these supposedly “queer” animals, why stop at that? There is plenty of other animal behavior we could emulate as well, such as chasing down others, ripping them apart with our bare hands, and eating them. PETA would get into a fine snit if Peacock ran a series hailing that kind of animal behavior, but of course, neither PETA nor Peacock, nor anyone else on the left ever worries overmuch about intellectual consistency. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why we’re in the fix we’re in.

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>Autoimmune disease
That's a funny way to spell "stepped into a noose because the crushing weight of reality finally set in"

I have to imagine trooning ain't great for someone with an autoimmune disorder, much less multiple ones. In a sane world, the family would have cases for malpractice against the doctors who fed into the mentally ill man's delusions and quickened his demise.

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It means she is sexually attractive and he wants to have penetrative sexual relations with her.

Everyone understands that heterosexual “romantic love,” which is socially appropriate to talk about publicly and in front of children, implies sexual penetration (penis in vagina). The latter is taboo to talk about in front of children, because they are not old enough to be sexually active in that way, but they are still being “sexualized” by society by learning about romantic love.

Through the normalization of adult homosexuality, the homosexuals have now normalized child homosexuality.

The difference is, homosexuality is only about anal. With heterosexuals, there is a relationship based around family and children. So a little boy can say “I’m going to marry her and we’ll have kids together” without knowing what sex involves. Gay is only about anal. There is no “family.” Now they try to claim gays have families, but gay marriage is not monogamous. These are just two gay guys who live together and go to orgies together. Further, gays only “adopt” (state-assisted kidnapping) little boys in order to molest and sodomize them.

What’s more, they are actually teaching anal to preschoolers. It’s not just about some “identity” gibberish. The Planned Parenthood website, for example, has “resources” on how to teach sex to preschoolers.

And before someone is thinking “oh but they’re saying ‘LGBT,’ not ‘anal'” – what the hell is LGBT? What does it mean? It means a man masturbating into another man’s anus, ejaculating into his anus, and then eating his own semen mixed with poop out of the man’s anus. That’s what it means. It’s not esoteric. It’s not some big secret.
This clip from the 1990s documentary “The Gift” shows what “LGBT” means

(Here’s the full documentary, which you really should watch – it doesn’t show anything graphic, but it lets you walk away understanding what “LGBT” actually means.)

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Omar's daughter decries 'hypocrisy,' says anti-Israel students are '100% targeted' after suspension and arrest

Yeah... when you make an ass out of yourself and break a whole slew of laws you are targeted and punished. In other words Fuck Around and Find Out!

Here's the real kicker she going on mommy's talking point of being subjected to a chemical attack... somehow getting a snoot full of a novelty crap spray you can get off Amazon for $10 pales in comparison to Chorine Gas, Mustard Gas, VX Nerve gas, Agent Orange, or Zyklon B!

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The differences in coverage "is rooted in a gender stereotype: the assumption that people who have been assigned female at birth are supposed to have breasts, and that people assigned male at birth are not."

It's not a "gender stereotype." It's a biological fact.

"No doubt, the majority of those assigned female at birth have breasts, and the majority of those assigned male at birth do not. But we cannot mistake what is for what must be.”

Not just a "majority." It's a universal biological fact with a tiny number of exceptions.

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You cannot equate ancient and near-modern examples of men castrating themselves (or cross-dressers) with late 20th-century trannies. The former did so either because of religious conviction or economic expediency. You don't read records of them claiming "I've been living a lie all along. Now I've found my true self", as modern trannies invariably do. And such existential reflection is good evidence that trannyism is a thoroughly modern phenomenon. It is related to the search of authenticity, the search of how to live life. Before modernity, religions and traditional communities told people how they should conduct their lives. People took it for granted that their lives are a pre-set template, and it didn't even occur to people that there are other options. It is only when religions fail to hold sway, and people had lost their ties to tradition, did people begin to realize that they have the freedom to choose how to live. People found out there are many many ways to create meanings in life, and that they can start living a new life any time as long as they have the will to do so. Some men, then, chose the freedom to live as women.

But why choose to live as women? I suppose Feminism (especially Third Wave) has mystified womanhood as the exotic "other" which appeals to the adventurous spirit of some men -- attaining womanhood is, in essence, a quest for the Holy Grail. If what I say is true, then trannyism is, paradoxically, motivated by a stereotypically male drive for conquest. This may explain why MtFs widely outnumber FtMs.

I can find ladyboy porn going back as far the 80s). How can "traditionalists" unironically claim transgenderism is a recent phenomenon.
I don't know much about Thai culture but it seems the phenomenon of Ladybois have strong social and economic roots. I'm not convinced they are exactly comparable to Western troons. Also 80s is very modern.

The Amsterdam Cohort saw a 20x rise of clinical cases of transgenderism in Netherlands between 1980 to 2015.

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Similarly, the first demand, nay, MANDATE upon government of our Bill of Rights to the US Constitution was “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” It was proposed and passed by the very men who were printing and distributing Bibles as school books on behalf of the government, funded by the treasury. I’ve written extensively on this theme https://www.scottlively.net/2018/09/18/the-coadjuvancy-of-church-and-state/ And yet, with no legal grounding in four thousand years of jurisprudence globally, having merely been DEEMED a category of human rights by the wishful proclamation of special interest groups in the 20th Century, the First Amendment fell to the “Gays” as easily as the Magna Carta had done. America’s natural family and marriage-based societal immune system collapsed and now our country is so morally disease-ridden and crawling with parasites of every kind we may not survive.

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I imagine future historians looking back with awe and horror at the rioting that suddenly erupted all across America when 40 year old nerds and science fiction fans suddenly, and for no apparent reason, descended on Hollywood and New York City, burning and murdering executives in various popular entertainment and publishing industries.

Future historians will be puzzled that Brony cosplayers actually dressed up as supervillains and furries, used jackhammers and dug pits actually into the sidewalks of Manhattan and Los Angeles, then released vicious polar bears to claw and bite their helpless yet screaming victims to a slow but hideously painful death, filming the whole on their cellphones.

Future historians will puzzle over the lack of response from law enforcement, the giggling from judges and guffaws from the national guard, who should have intervened to stop the ghastly slaughter. Scholarly arguments will break out over the question of how large and spontaneous mobs composed largely of large and nonathletic fanboys managed the logistical question of capturing polar bears and transporting them to the United States from Northern Alaska, while the Canadian border was closed.

Of course, no news accounts of the horrific event will be available for study in those future times, since every last member of the mainstream news industry, down to the last intern, was swallowed alive that same week by sudden flaming pits that opened in the Earth, during the exact moment when each was denouncing as racist anyone calling the China Flu ‘the Wuhan virus’– those few reporters spry enough to cling to the crumbling lips of the gaping crater-mouths then being struck by lightningbolts winging down from a clear blue sky.

The future historians will also wonder what triggered the renaissance in popular entertainment, comics, and science fiction that lasted for the next century and a half, until the flying saucer invasion from Alpha Camelopardalis, the last star in the galaxy anyone expected to host a planet peeved with Earthmen.

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Chickens Hold Controversial 'Fox Story Hour' In Chicken Coop

FARMINGTON, MO—Progressive chickens at Stoodland Farms held a "Fox Storytime Hour" Friday, which some of the older hens considered controversial. During the event, various foxes were invited into the coop to read a story to the young chicks.
A number of hens were reportedly offended by the fox volunteers. "I can't believe what they're teaching our young-uns," said Pecky LeCorn. "I know there are foxes in the world, but to actually invite them into our coop to read to defensless chicks, it's uncheepable!"

Protests aside, LeCorn left her chicks in the care of the fox because she had a feathering appointment and babysitters were so hard to find. She reportedly took one last look and shook her head in dismay as Derrick the Fox read from Foxes Need To Eat Too And That's Perfectly Normal And Beautiful.

Rooster McStavens, an old cluck who loves the little chicks, was insulted that anyone could be so bothered.
"I say now, it's the year 2,022!" he crowed. "Your chicks ain't suddenly going to turn into foxes by hanging out with one! This coop needs to mature, I say. We done livin' in the dark ages, here!"
"Foxes are beautiful!"

At publishing time, all poultry in the coop was torn to shreds. Blood everywhere. Not even the young-uns survived.
To celebrate Pride Month, Mattel has released its first-ever pregnant man doll: Pregnant Ken! You can have all sorts of fun with the clearly MALE Ken doll and his pregnant belly! Available wherever non-gender-specific toys are sold.

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I posted this on my Minds page just a moment ago...

While I'm open to the possibility of being wrong, I believe the reason Liz and her father are so obsessed with trying to stop President Trump is probably very simple...

President Trump was and is a peacemaker, as evidenced by his refusal to start new wars, the Abraham Accords, the fact that Russia hadn't gone after Ukraine and China after Taiwan during his First Term are proof of this. He was a keeper of the peace, not a warrior.

The Cheneys on the other hand, their family fortunes come from war. They are war profiteers, for them, they NEED war so that they can rake in profits on death and destruction. And President Trump threatens all of that.

So Liz and her dad are personally threatened by President Trump and his America First, no foreign wars, no new-wars, peacemaking agenda as if the US is not involved in war, the Cheneys' money spigot gets closed off and so their cushy lifestyle gets threatened. Liz and Dicky can call President Trump every name in the book, but they'll never admit that the real reason they oppose him is because they hate peacemakers like President Trump. That would be admitting that they're war profiteers and that letting them take power would mean war-war-war!

But God willing, the Cheney dynasty died last night with the ouster of Liz in Wyoming...and good riddance.

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This doesn't surprise me. The only thing vaccines do is weaken your immune system and most of our health problems and illnesses today comes from side effects of vaccines, things like autism and AIDS for example. The covid vaccine was even worse than the standard ones and didn't really need to exist because covid itself was just a mild flu with treatments available from the start like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. You're actually safer by being unvaccinated and having a healthy immune system.

[The people infected caught the new strains of Covid, the ones that you don't have a vax for:

"At that point the summer wave, driven by new variants BA.4 and BA.5 as well as public behaviour and increased mixing, led to the number of patients with Covid rising to 508."]

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"Stranger Things"

This horror series' main themes include witchcraft, evolution, and the occult. Young children use four-letter words conversationally and engage in premarital, underage sex, never facing comeuppance for either. Perhaps the biggest offense, however, is the way it tries to make feminism within the family unit look acceptable, as the homemaker mother is seen as bumbling and oblivious, while the divorced, chain-smoking single mother is seen as heroic. The show's "breakout" character and main protagonist is a young girl and former laboratory experiment who uses demonic powers to murder anyone in her path. Another "fan favorite" character is revealed to be a lesbian and her sexuality is treated without scorn and is instead viewed as normal by the other characters.

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You see, boys and girls, because these mentally confused queers can't actually produce their own children -- they need to groom and corrupt yours! That's what this is all about. But of course, were it only the 1% of boy-girls and girl-boys that we had to worry about, there actually wouldn't be much to be concerned over. Low level sickos can be contained and the "tolerant" non-queers who enable them can be re-conditioned. It's the "elite" cultural assassins injecting this poison into the nation's veins while protecting and exalting the demon-possessed trannies and "non-binaries" who need to be called out for this abomination -- and then beaten to death in packed sports arenas across America.

Poking fun at these misfits is all well and good -- as is HATING them when they take it a step further and try to corrupt innocent children. But unless and until more FOXtard "conservative" types start pointing the finger upwards, toward the real culprits, this cultural cancer will never abate. We'll wrap this up with a pair of power-packed quotes -- from two high historical personages who were in a position to know the game -- which tell us in a 2+2 manner all we need to know about the LGBT mass mania now afflicting so many young people.

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I don’t know if you know this, and I hate to say it, but in the womb, before the sex of the child it determined by a release of hormones by the mother, the sex organ that is developing is the penis OR clitoris. So if a girl during puberty decides to take a bunch of testosterone shots, it will cause her body to think the clitoris is a penis and start growing it.

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H1728 would effectively wipe out a community’s ability to monitor or control the sorts of activities going on “next door.” While communities or property owners can ban smoking, they will not be able to ban wild behaviors involving protected sexual perversions parading as “gender expression.” If a property is next to a school and tenants wish to rent who “express” their gender through “swinging parties,” whips and chains, sex for sale, or public nudity -- the landlord will not be able to say no. It will be up to the “transgender” individual to decide how he needs to express himself in his (even rented) home or commercial property.

Look at the ads for “she-male” prostitutes (in the Boston Phoenix) whose “gender expression” includes sequential, anonymous visitors to their apartments, and who often express their gender loudly and violently through BDSM practices. They can rent any place they choose if H1728 is passed. (The only exception in the law, Ch. 151B section 4, where an owner may discriminate is for “a single dwelling unit in a two family dwelling, the other occupancy unit of which is occupied by the owner as his residence.”)

“Adult” stores catering to transsexuals and cross-dressers will not be stoppable. Local zoning regulations, if attempting to block them, will surely be challenged as discriminatory. No exemptions are built into the proposed law, no matter who the surrounding owners, tenants, or users may be -- including schools, playgrounds, churches, family neighborhoods.

Section 19 even says that no one (not just realtors or property managers) may publicly object in any way to an individual’s right to buy or rent apartment/condo-type dwellings on the basis of their “gender identity or expression.” This would include a letter to a newspaper, or a posting on a web site or blog.

This new law would have a profound effect on the business climate in Massachusetts. Watch for a continuing exodus by businesses from the state if H1728 passes.

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Today I will play the role of an atheist who subscribes to humanism and the relative nature of morality.


1) I believe that certain nonproductive members of society – i.e. the terminally and painfully sick, unemployed and alcohol-addicted street vagrants, serial criminals, and those too old to contribute anything meaningful – should be euthanized for the greater of good of society and mankind.

Resources that they consume can find much better use in advancing civilization and the happiness of other (and more) people. The good and survival of the human species takes precedence over selfish and petty individual needs.

2) I believe that bestiality as a sexual choice should be given the same legal rights and social respect as heterosexual and homosexual human-human relationships.

I am a practising zoophile who regularly engages in group sex with my fully-mature rottweilers (both male and female) who willingly and often actively reciprocate the intimate eroticity.

We all enjoy it immensely, so what’s wrong with it? For some reason, most people – even the supposedly enlightened individuals at PFLAG – think my sexual choice is disgusting, morally repugnant and unnatural. To me it’s incomprehensible and inexplicable why.


Now please tell me why my stand is MORALLY WRONG from a atheistic, humanist point of view.

Quotes from the Bible or other holy scriptures will not be accepted. Arguments that some god or another forbids it will similarly be ignored. As a atheist, I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY RELIGION OR PHILOSOPHY BASED ARGUMENTS.

I welcome and eagerly await comments which attempt to persuade me that somehow, my beliefs and practices are fundamentally wrong from a relativistic, humanist, liberal and pluralistic point of view.

Convince me.

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Fortunately, our new more sensitive society has done a heckuva job decolonizing the Arecibo radio telescope (above) in Puerto Rico.

What work? This is the easiest work ever You sit around and make up reasons why words hurt your feelings. E.g., let’s do Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence:

The word ‘search’ is highly problematic, with a racist past. It featured in the title of African explorer Henry M. Stanley’s famous memoir “The Search for Dr. Livingstone.” The concept of “searching” is highly redolent of white male exploration and discovery.

“Extraterrestrial” is Earth-centric. Why should Earth be privileged as being “terrestrial” when all else in the universe is “extraterrestrial?”

“Intelligence” is highly discriminatory. Intelligent people know that stupidity is just as good as intelligence because they are intelligent, which makes them better than the stupid. Or something.

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All you need to do to refute the shit spewing out of Eric's mouth is look at the books: blacks are overrepresented, as are non-human races.

One writer (a term I use as loosely as SJWs throw around Nazi) pledged to push homosexuality in every product, a practice he thinks is both unconventional and progressive despite homosexuality being pushed in everything else. They hire to check off diversity boxes instead of talent and skill (and boy oh boy does it show), and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they covertly engaged in discriminatory hiring practices.

If WotC were really trying to push a straight, white agenda, for starters they would at least somewhat properly represent skin color, and go out of their way to ensure that every NPC is straight (regardless of whether or not it matters to whatever terrible adventure they're pushing).

For a secret Christian agenda you'd have angels looking like Christian angels. You'd have references to Christian angels and demons. You wouldn't be able to play wizards at all (or druids or warlocks). There would be inherent benefits for being religious, and only the Christian God would be acceptable.

It's almost as if WotC is bending over backwards to pander to every demographic but Christians (and normal people in general).

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So the Gay Patriot account is back on Twitter and one of its first tweets was, "Is it too much to ask that the #LGBTQ activists vocally denounce grooming and pedophilia?

"Why won’t they?"

But it is too much to ask. They cannot denounce grooming and remain LGBT. They are no more allowed to speak out than black leaders were allowed to condemn BLM.
LGBT rights are a myth. LGBT rights are rules for living if you are gay, trans or whatever. You surrender your rights when you join LGBT. Conformity means never speaking your mind again. Instead, you chant the slogan of the day, which for this month is Don't say gay!

To be an LGBT, one must keep up with the latest news. Thou dare not speak ill of the groomers. Instead, they dump all their vile disgust on J.K. Rowling because she dared to say women menstruate. Yes, the grievances promoted by LGBT leaders are that fundamentally stupid.

In exchange for turning your life over to the movement, you get to bully Christians into baking the cake at your wedding.

Aero #transphobia #homophobia archive.ph

They already believe that crossdressing men and troons have the right to rape lesbian women and straight men, or in the very least, sexually harass them. Their victims deserve it anyways, they’re transphobes for refusing. When presented with things like the SuperStraight meme, they always ask, “But what if the transwoman passes really well tho?”

They don’t ever stop to consider that the mere deception itself was enough to repel would-be partners, even in the unlikely event that they “passed” initially. That even if their partner was OK with having sex with men larping as women, that the fact that they would lie about something as important as that means they would have made a shitty partner anyway.

Making fun of people for supposedly being “gay” for being entrapped by some disgusting pervert in a dress is a big part of their rape culture. But to them, it’s funny because he deserves it for being a meanie homophobe/transphobe, dontcha know. Gays and trannies are allowed to engage in punitive rape against people they don’t like, dontcha know.
If all this shit makes you too paranoid to date anyone, hahaha, suck it loser. Eat our girlcocks, UwU.

Matt Walsh #homophobia #dunning-kruger #fundie #pratt archive.ph

But I mention this today because

1) The messages/emails were particularly vitriolic and venomous, even by modern standards, and prompted by an extraordinarily uncontroversial statement and

2) I want secularists and left wingers to stop hiding from the fact that the real bigots and prejudiced dirtbags are on their side. There is something in your worldview that produces this, neo-liberals, and it’s time for you to own up to it.

My faith is not just an opinion. An opinion is “the Godfather is a good movie”. It’s not just my personal “taste”. Taste is “I like hot sauce with every meal”. It’s not just a “belief”. A belief is “I think there are microbes on Mars”. My faith is my identity. It’s who I am. I’d die before I’d give it up. I wouldn’t die for hot sauce or my De Niro DVD collection. I don’t identify myself by my belief in space creatures. But my faith is my IDENTITY. Do you get it? If I called it my “lifestyle” would you afford it the same respect you afford sexual proclivities? What if someone posted on Facebook discussing their homosexuality and a bunch of people messaged him saying they’d “lost all respect” for him, and now found him to be “disgusting” and “stupid”? I imagine those people would be liable for hate crime prosecution, and you’d be the first one at their door with your pitchfork and your hangin’ rope.

Look, if you hate me or insult me because of my Christianity, you are a bigot, an intolerant neanderthal, and a hypocrite. But go for it. And, please, if that’s your attitude, stop reading what I write and listening to what I say. Go away. Do me that favor. But while you hide in that nice little bubble, at least face yourself. See yourself for who you are. You’re too scared to confront conflicting ideas, but are you man enough to confront yourself? You’re hateful, prejudiced and bigoted. That’s you. Time to own it.

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“First they came for”— in the classic formulation—all the symbols of specifically Southern Heritage, flags, statues, cemeteries, street names, college names, the names of U.S. Army forts, everything like that.

At the same time, Anti-Americans were also attacking George Washington (white Southerner, slaveowner) Jefferson (ditto, plus the lie about Sally Hemings) and, in the frenzy after the death of George Floyd, even Abraham Lincoln’s statues were being overturned and burned.

Blacks have long considered themselves a separate anti-Nation—“Lift Every Voice And Sing,” the so-called Black National Anthem, has been around so long, its original nickname was the “Negro National Anthem.” It’s actually a Christian hymn, and as such would be banned from public performance at schools, commencement ceremonies, and football games—if the Christophobic laws against hymns, prayers, or Christmas carols were enforced against blacks.

Blacks have also now got their own Black Independence Day—“Juneteenth,” now as prominent a national holiday as Martin Luther King’s Birthday is and as George Washington’s Birthday…isn’t. (We’re supposed to call it “Presidents Day.”)

DarkVikingMistress #dunning-kruger #enbyphobia archive.ph

SJWs mess with the basic biological facts of nature, and try to spread misinformation about the biological facts of nature. Why? Because I believe through what I've researched, that being non-cisgender is a thing and it is not a bad thing either, but it is a RARE thing, and most people who are genderqueer, non-binary etc have had at least hints of their unique condition when they are children, know at a young age, or have at least a seed of doubt in their mind before they discover their true identity. But these SJWs...ugh these SJWs, they work to delegitimize the state of being non-binary by saying that they've suddenly seen the light and realised they've always been trans, even though beforehand they may have been completely comfortable as a cisgender male. These people are turning "transgender" into a trend. It's not right, it's not just. How are transgenders ever going to get more rights with these trenders fucking all their legitimacy up for them?

--SJWs scare me with the prospect of having to legalise all their genders and sexualities (I believe if this trend grows it could be a thing) just because their feelings will get hurt if they can't be called a "sparklekin" or "autismkin"...will I be discriminated against as a cisgender woman in the future, because my gender isn't cool anymore? Will I have to really call people "autismself" when it offends me that they're turning autism into a gender (I am autistic) will they hate me for having the mental illness they always wanted?

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Navy Proves They Suck C#$%!

Dammit, Navy! I thought things were bad when the Army, my freaking branch, released that stupid Emma "I Gots Two Mommies" video: showing how strong and capable Emma already was because of her lesbian parents, as opposed to how the Army helped mold her into that kind of person. But now we got this: the "proper" way to greet someone and how to "correctly" use another's pronouns. Someone please invade us. Seriously, we need someone to actually invade the US of A, so the people can be unified, the worthless scum scourged, and crap like this tossed to the way-side!

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It’s about damn time that someone started talking about banning faggots, and staging a rebellion against this false Republic which tells us we all have to accept “anal marriage.”

It’s time to cast off the shackles!

It’s time for a real leader to rise!

"“Homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice,” it reads, a statement that is not in the 2020 platform.""

It’s more than abnormal – it’s evil and satanic, and these people need to be thrown off of roofs. Tie their hands behind their backs with a piece of old cord, and heave them over.

Period. End of story. Roof the rump rangers.

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Note that Moorlockery, Social Justice, Postmodernism, Postrationalism, Self-Important Holier-Than-Thou Jabberwocky, Cultural Marxism, Coprophagy, or whatever you want to call this moral and mental disease that has corrupted our society not only destroys comic books (Female Thor, Negro Johnny Storm and Jimmy Olsen, Islamic Batman and Ms Marvel) and science fiction (If You Were an Ancillary Pronoun Wereseal, My Love) and politics (CNN, MSNBC) but indeed render the Morlock incapable of any work or act requiring even a modicum of honesty and integrity.

Likewise for George Carlin, Mort Sahl, the TV show All in the Family, and the likes of Janeane Garofalo and Dick Cavett – indeed, his favorite adjective at this point became “subversive,” and like most of his ilk he remained incredibly blind to the fact that he and those who think like him are now very much the establishment and that a true “subversive” nowadays is a Christian conservative. Even as they are closing down bakers for sticking to their Christian convictions, they imagine themselves “subverting” all that they hate.

Of course, you are clear on what they hate – the Church, America, all forms of public decency. Lenny Bruce is hailed as a hero for mocking all of these things and inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

And on and on it went, and I felt tremendously badly about it, firstly because my wife had given me this as a gift, and it would be rude indeed to express distaste; but also because, without the left-wing poison, the book would actually be quite good, because when he didn’t indulge in lefty preaching, it was actually engaging and interesting. But he just couldn’t help himself. Political mockery of conservatives by liberals was shaming the powerful with the truth; but Dennis Miller’s conversion to conservatism after 9/11 was bigotry. Conservatives have a “pathological hatred” of Obama, but the pathological hatred heaped on George W. Bush was liberation. Shockingly, even Bob Hope was raked over the coals for daring to go to Vietnam and entertain troops that were facing death to protect self- indulgent drug addicts like Lenny Bruce or George Carlin.

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{from 2014}

Her self-declared “bisexuality” is purely speculative, a matter of imagination. Her situation illuminates the problem with how young people are now being indoctrinated to think about sex. All this chatter about sexual orientation and gender identity emerging from academia and promulgated in pop culture is profoundly confusing to many young people. A teenage girl whose “sexuality” so far has been limited to some clumsy kissing and fondling with her ex-boyfriend nevertheless identifies as “bisexual” on what we might call a theoretical basis. This identification then qualifies her to denounce her girlfriends as homophobes because they “are terrified of girls being in love with them.”

In that context, isn’t “homophobe” just a synonym for heterosexual?

Given the direction our culture is heading, one can imagine a scenario in which anyone who rejects a homosexual advance — “No, thanks, I’m straight” — is accused of being a homophobe, so that society is effectively divided into two groups: Gays and Haters.

She continues to volley: “Please, don’t put my identity into quotation marks.” The reason I put “bisexual” in quotation marks is because, by her own account, she has not actually acted on her same-sex attractions. Her self-declared “identity” therefore exists in the imaginative realm of Tommy Flanagan’s wife, Morgan Fairchild.

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Tier 1: The Academy Failed to Inform Us on Same-Sex Parenting

Everything starts with the universities. K-12 teachers are educated at universities, and it is among university faculty that ideological homogeneity has reached crisis levels.

Traditionalists have to start investing in journals, endowed chairs, and even their own colleges. There are large pools of unemployed Ph.D.s who want jobs. Look for the unemployed ones who support a traditionalist worldview, and employ them.

For twenty years -- in fact, up until the articles published by Loren Marks and Mark Regnerus in 2012 -- research into same-sex families was conducted under duress. A central principle of research is that studies cannot be trusted if it is clear that certain findings would result in reprisals against the researchers. After Social Science Research posted the Marks and Regnerus articles, a witch-hunt ensued by crackpot bloggers who managed to open an investigation at the University of Texas at Austin and force the publication of hundreds of pages of my e-mails (I defended Regnerus in Public Discourse).

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The Boogaloo Boys is an alleged right-wing paramilitary unit and death squad owing allegiance to the Clinton-Bush Crime Family to serve the interests of the Deep State and NeverTrump movement. Ideologically it is a de-centralized libertarian pro-gun anti-racist movement aligned with Black Lives Matter. The movement is based on the idea that increasing political polarization and instability will inevitably lead to a domestic armed conflict, which they refer to as Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo. The movement draws its name from the 1984 movie, Electric Boogaloo.

Reason magazine describes the Boogaloo Boys as "Gen Z Second Amendment activism. Its members forgo the patriotic symbolism of traditional militia movements for flowered apparel, bright patches, and colorful memes. Their approach to organizing resembles Hong Kong's decentralized, privacy-conscious, and social media-heavy protest movement. They are digitally native activists, raised on Instagram and TikTok, who understand that in the world of online feedback loops, actions are often less important than the way they're presented."

[Fun fact, they want a race war: https://theintercept.com/2020/06/10/boogaloo-boys-george-floyd-protests/]

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Over the past 50 years, Boston (like hundreds of other cities) has endured an increasingly massive and perverse “Gay Pride Parade” - ending with a “Gay Pride Festival” at Boston City Hall Plaza. It’s frightened summer tourists, scared away families, and destroyed the aura of a once beautiful city.

[Later they show pics where no one is scared or frightened]

For a dozen years, MassResistance documented the depraved event, sharing photos and videos – and exposing the participating corporations, schools, and politicians.

But this year there was no parade, no festival, and no plans for any in the future. The Board of Directors of the Boston Pride Committee, which planned, funded, and organized it, voted to permanently disband the whole organization. The streets of downtown Boston are (relatively) safe and sane again!

Every "Gay Pride" event seems to have an emphasis on "youth" and children ...

[And off course show everyone having fun and safe, in spite of the weird costumes. Likewise what do you mean by "emphasis"? That gay chipdren march as well? You are scared of them celebrating their identities?]

At one Festival following the parade this troubled young man entertained the crowd. The man at left in the green "I-heart-sperm" shirt has probably seen it all before, we'd bet.

[Is Steven Crowder or Rudy Guillaume troubled when they do lewd or lavisicious acts?]

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It looks like a website that was promoting a boycott of Target due to their desire to let men into women's restrooms, was shut down by a webhosting company.

“… A conservative website to galvanize support against Target’s ‘gender-inclusive’ restroom and changing-room policies was shut down on Thanksgiving morning by its web hosting company on the claim that it featured “hateful or discriminatory” content.

…In April Target, the second largest discount retailer in the United States, adopted a policy allowing members of one biological sex to use the bathrooms and fitting rooms of the opposite sex at all its stores nationwide.

…The move caused a massive boycott of the retailer, with more than a million Americans pledging on conservative sites to do their shopping elsewhere.

…The company’s stocks began to slip immediately,

…reports (here and here) began to appear of men posing as women who went into female changing rooms to film victims in the state of undress.

…“Liberals who constantly tout tolerance and inclusion go out of their way to shutdown ideas they disagree with,” he wrote.

…“To say our campaign is about inequality, intolerance, hate, discrimination or devaluing anyone is flat wrong, it’s about common sense and safety. But, some of the truest hate and intolerance we’ve seen has come from the liberal responses to our campaign,” he added. …”

Full story here.

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Teachers Who Insist They're Not Teaching Your Kid About Sex Also Weirdly Outraged By Ban On Teaching Your Kid About Sex

ORLANDO, FL—On July 1st, teachers throughout Florida will no longer be permitted to encourage discussions about sex with children in grades kindergarten through grade 3. Florida teachers have been adamant that they've never encouraged such discussions in their classrooms but they are weirdly outraged that they will no longer be able to.

"I have never once told a boy they are really a girl, or a girl they are really nothing, or a man that they should be comfortable loving children. Not once. BUT IT'S OUTRAGEOUS THAT I CAN'T," said Ms. Feilershiek, a kindergarten teacher at Chickasaw Elementary, while picketing in front of her school instead of teaching children.

One third-grade teacher, Mx. Pat Frumouge (ze/zir), had begun teaching zeir students about LGBTQ culture full-time ahead of the July 1st deadline.

"Look, I don't groom any kids. But I have to constantly explain why I look like a porcelain fish-being," ze said, visibly shaken. "This law is going to erase me as an individual. My sexual identity and favorite kinks are my entire identity... if I can't share that with children—which I don't—then I don't know what I'm going to do. Teach math?"

Children at Chickasaw Elementary School are reportedly failing at math and science but excelling at peer-pressuring other children to switch genders at will. Teachers insist the kids are doing that on their own, however.

According to sources, teachers are preparing for the next year by abandoning all subjects entirely in favor of full-time LGBTQ lectures to make up for the fact they won't be able to indoctrinate children next year—even though they don't do that.

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You see, boys and girls, Modern Art -- just like much of Modern Music, Modern Literature, Modern Science etc. -- distorts and perverts the appreciation and understanding of the good, the true and the beautiful. Convince the notoriously vain "intelligentsia" in any given society that up is down, black is white, crap is gold, gold is crap, men are women, women are men, etc, and soon you can sell these "educated" chumps anything. From there, the madness will eventually flow downhill to "the masses." There is no right and wrong for truth, like Einstein's "curved universe" (rolling eyes) and his "time warps" (rolling eyes) is all about "relativity."

[Moral Relativism is not the same as physics]

The essence of "modernism" is to suppress one's own God-given instincts, and then choose to believe in nothing, unless the "powers that be" (cough cough) instruct and authorize you to believe in something, that is. Ever notice how most of the main characters of modern literature and film are usually not heroes like those of yesteryear? The protagonist these days is typically a mentally conflicted hybrid weirdo -- neither good nor bad. Likewise, the modernist painter or sculptor is not at all concerned with beauty and truth. To the modernist, truth is only a point-of-view which aimlessly drifts with the polluted tide of "popular opinion" ™ -- that manufactured dogma which is nothing but a mass psychosis engineered by the usual suspects. In literature and art, and even "theoretical science," there is now a complete rejection of truth and beauty. Heck! Even the Poop Francis of the "modern Vatican" refuses to call sin by its rightful name. Although the Argentinean ass-clown did indeed pass very strong judgements against Global Warming ™ and xenophobia ™, but we digress.

In the final analysis, a people that can no longer distinguish truth and beauty from falsehood and ugliness, is a people that is ripe for all manner of political deception, oppression and enslavement.

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We are already biologically predisposed to be repulsed by any attempt made to blur (or outright eliminate) the differences between male and female, to the point where even putting on clothing intended for the opposite sex will trigger that fear/disgust response. And contrary to what leftists will tell you, there’s a damned good reason for that. Nothing good can come from willfully ignoring the differences between men and women.

For instance, dating, romance, sexuality. Most people, like it or not, will much rather date someone who looks reasonably healthy for their sex.

Androgyny, at best, indicates poor physical health and/or infertility. At worst, it indicates an attempt at deception.

This is especially true within the “trap” subculture, where the goal is to pass as a female as much as possible, usually without the use of surgery or HRT. This is especially in regard to trying to “trap” straight men or lesbian women.
Even if the people who practice such a lifestyle don’t actually go that far, the implication is every bit as horrifying as you think it is. It’s horrifying because the LGBTQ community doesn’t see anything wrong with rape by deception. They already believe that being a sex pest is intrinsic to being LGBTQ, and so they will call you a “homophobe” or “transphobe” if you call them out on such behavior.

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An Independence Day parade in Highland Park, Illinois was attacked by a rooftop sniper who killed seven people and wounded at least 30 before fleeing the scene; the sniper was described as between 18 and 20 years old with long black hair and a thin build.[215] Robert Crimo III, who fits the description of the shooter and also sports neck tattoos and was identified as having fantasies of committing a school shooting in YouTube videos posted by Crimo that have since been taken down by YouTube to cover for him, was later identified as a person of interest by Highland Park police in the shooting.[216] Crimo was subsequently arrested and taken into custody after a brief police chase.[217] In addition to YouTube, other liberal social media platforms such as Twitter, Discord and Instagram covered for Crimo by scrubbing all of the content he uploaded and deleting his accounts, but they could not prevent users of Twitter and other platforms from downloading and saving Crimo's videos and photos to post to their own accounts to use as evidence against him. Crimo, who was discovered to have connections to Antifa, the Democratic Socialists of America and the occult,[218] was also captured on video surveillance footage attempting to evade police by dressing in drag,[219] and had also been dressed in drag at the time of the attack on the parade.[220] True to form, the liberal media downplayed his crossdressing habits and tried to smear Donald Trump supporters by falsely claiming him to be one of them based on dubious evidence claiming him to be a "Trump supporter",[221] but when the video and photographic evidence of Crimo's true anarchist and socialist political allegiances emerged and that Crimo was actually making fun of Trump and his supporters, the liberal media unsurprisingly went silent.