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Blacks are a biological weapon of mass destruction.

We will never have a safe and peaceful society so long as they live amongst us.

I'm not exaggerating in the slightest.

NOTE: They refer to the black as a "teen", even though he's a legal adult. Why?, because the media ONCE AGAIN is running interference for these primitive subhuman creatures - trying to portray him as some innocent little kid who just made a mistake, instead of the violent savage psychopath that he really is.


@Nature_and_Race Anyone who claims that these subhuman primates are the same as us, and that our only difference is "skin colour", is either incredibly stupid or an enemy trying to deceive you.

@Nature_and_Race From a personal perspective, having lived among blacks for 25 years and then moved to an all white community, I can testify this is true. Stating that white communities are less safe when blacks are introduced there is not racist hate speech. It is a fact backed up by crime statistics.


@Nature_and_Race 100% no society with more than 5% blacks as ever survived.

@Nature_and_Race The only Justice I will accept for this man. Make medieval rat executions great again!


Bring back lynchings.
Hanged by a foot, dowsed in petrol, matchstick, poof.
Stabbed repeatedly with a hayfork while dying. Fear is the only language these beasts understand.



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