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( @Nature_and_Race )
If it's okay for Jews to promote hatred of White people (which they do endlessly all across social media, the mainstream media, in grade schools and universities, and movies and TV shows), then it is perfectly acceptable for White people to promote hatred of Jews in return.

@Nature_and_Race Promoting the hatred of Jews is a noble and important form of activism which should be prominent in our people's itinerary.

( @VJMPublishing )
@Nature_and_Race Then we have to stand up for other white people who speak out against Jews, especially after they get targeted.

( @radkowski )

(@CrashWizard )
@Nature_and_Race Maybe we could encourage Musk to buy the ADL?

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@CrashWizard Musk is a zionist puppet and in lockstep with every single dystopian WEF policy and agenda.


( @MostlyPeacefulAmerican )
@Nature_and_Race nope, not anymore. It is no longer for anyone to slander Whites. It is now not only acceptable, but mandatory for all races to slander, abuse and exterminate the filthy jew. That "we're all equal" shit is what got us here. No more compromise.

( @Strangegill88 )
@Nature_and_Race I'm just pointing out FACTS
@Nature_and_Race Another FACT



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