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5 Ways Democrat Policies Work To Destroy Children’s Lives
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Children have no idea that adults have been telling this lie for more than 100 years. Whether or not you believe hydrocarbons are evil and man’s industrial ingenuity is really sufficient to destroy our 4.5 billion-year-old planet Earth, one thing is indisputable: no such apocalypse is likely to take place imminently. Yet, as indoctrination works best when it is applied early in a person’s life, we terrify our children with the lie that the world as we know it is coming to an end tomorrow.

4. Teaching Self-Hate

If it were not enough to scare children with lies of an impending apocalypse, the Democratic Party has decided to drain children of their self-worth and confidence as well. We were not long ago on the path toward a colorblind society in which race was properly dismissed as an inconsequential trait that has no bearing on a person’s talents or character.

Today, schools around the country indoctrinate children to believe there is nothing so important as a person’s skin color. How we have flipped the civil rights movement on its head!

Not long ago, Americans could acknowledge past national failures while still joining in celebration of America’s great achievements. Now the drumbeat from leftist schools and institutions is constant: there has never been anything exceptional about the United States.

Instead of learning how America’s struggle for independence advanced the cause of human liberty around the world, young students are routinely taught that America’s founding was institutionalized “white supremacy” disguised as freedom. Instead of learning how vital individual rights are in protecting the public from inevitable abuses of government power, government-run schools have redefined personal freedoms as “selfish” while lauding government bureaucracy as “trustworthy” and “beneficent.”

How can the United States of America survive as a nation when its youngest generations are taught in schools that America is a force for evil? How can adults of all races coexist when the children of all races are taught to distrust one another? How can American freedom survive when young minds are taught that only government is good?




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