Immanuel, Grand Solar Flash via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy

I am love in light form. I am the out-breath of Source Creator. Many will see as they wish to see. Some will see destruction, others images of saints on clouds. Whatever you resonate with or expect to see and feel you all will see and feel. As is fitting for the culmination of a matrix hologram. Many of you balk at these words. How else then do you define reality? Is reality only what is solid, what you can feel? Holograms can be solid. Is reality only what you remember?
This one asked to speak with the solar flash, or the love wave, or the great change wave, whatever you wish to call me. I am the energy behind it, of it. I am assisting to direct this wave. I am Immanuel, in lightwave form, assisting the light, directing and guiding it. <...> This is in part my duty to make this light available, as celestial orchestrator, and it is also in part your duty, dear ones, dear friends, to open your hearts to it. Keep it close within you, opening, opening up more and more in to these energies of light that are pummeling your globe.
Source Creator will not let this project be anything but 100% perfected, and the time is now, is here. This light wave that I am managing, is unlike any I have ever experienced. As Celestial Orchestrator, I have orchestrated many beautiful celestial events. (He is showing me the guiding of galaxies to collide and form something new, or to keep them from colliding, I am seeing rainbows of light in space, I am hearing colors of all rainbow hues around planets humming, singing. There is definitely music in space.) Yes, galaxygirl. There is liquid in space. There are all kinds of things in space that you will enjoy discovering. You are on a short mission here, a human life is short, very short. Too short. But this will not always be the case. With the light upgrades humankind will be have to choose what length of duration they wish to experience, there is much to look forward to.



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