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The submitter, the recipient’s daughter, describes the (ex-)husband in question as physically and emotionally abusive and unfaithful, and reportedly helped convince her mother to divorce him. The church sided with him and have apparently been harassing his estranged family since the divorce.

Greetings in Christ!

We are notifying you at this time based on your absence from (horrible church) since December of 2022, and your unwillingness to reconcile with your husband, that (horrible church) at a duty called membership meeting on July 2 2023, voted to dismiss you from the membership of (horrible church) as a disciplinary measure. By your actions, you have demonstrated that you are a person lacking saving faith. Believers in the New Testament times faithfully attended their local assemblies. They submitted themselves to the leadership of the elders, and to the Scriptures. We have requested an exit interview, but did not received any response from you to meet.

We pray that God in His providence will grant you repentance, acknowledgement of the truth, and be brought to your senses so as to escape the snare of the devil (2 Timothy 2:25-26).

Rest assured that we stand ready to meet with you should there be a change of heart on your part.

In Christ,


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Students in schools using the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum are being taught human-caused climate change is not real and evolution is "impossible", a study has found.

Climate change denial is a new addition to science textbooks that have been updated over the last few years, according to the research.

The textbooks deny human action is linked to rising temperatures and instead teach students God has a plan to prepare a new heaven and Earth with a better climate.

The Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum originated in Texas in 1970 and is used by at least 11 schools in the UK, as well as by some homeschooling parents.

It presents every subject through a Biblical worldview and creationism is a cornerstone of its science lessons.

Christian Education Europe, which oversees the ACE curriculum in the UK, describes the science course as "non-evolutionary in approach and content" on its website. The organisation did not respond to a request for comment.

Researchers from University College London found pupils are not exposed to any ideas contrary to the literal interpretation of the Bible until Year 9 - which they said goes against the legal requirement for schools to offer a "broad and balanced science curriculum".

The study's lead author, Dr Jenna Scaramanga, told Sky News pupils who study the curriculum end up "misinformed [and] not able to weigh scientific evidence".