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As we move into the Summer Solstice, the Sun is receiving a tremendous variation of solar streams in the form of highly refined Golden Sun light-spirit plasma transmissions from the Cosmic Founder Source Domains for activating the Solar Breath within the Solarized Golden Heart and Lungs. These solar streams are catalyzed by the hierogamic merge of Solar Michael and Solar Mary’s Golden Sun DNA template into a Golden Templar Ankh Body in the gender twin matrix of the Temple of Khemalohatea. These are male and female solarized gender corrections of Sek-Khem, and are filled with golden cube solar codes that are transmitting activations for solarizing the heart-lung wings for transfiguring lunar breath patterns into solar-spirit breath channels in angelic humans.

As ascension prototypers for building the Krystal Cathedral architecture for the Solar Female Melchizedeks to embody their Tiamati principle, this has allowed the authentic Triple Solar Reisha’s spiritual hierarchies comprised of Holy Mother and her Solar Daughters sophianic aspects to finally begin to manifest into this matter realm.
As we enter Gemini Solar Alchemy, the Cosmic Father’s eternal light is shone upon the false gender twins used for gender splitting and inserting the alien hybridization Enki DNA Overlays and False Parent coding with Enki as Father God and Enlil as Mother God, that was purposely being imprinted into the spleen and human blood. This was for the purpose of spiritually disconnecting angelic humans from their true God creator, inserting the False Father Alien Gods in their place, and perpetuating the Fallen Kali-Reema time cycle distortions running AI timelines that were being operated from Avebury Henge and Gobekli Tepe. Gemini constellation rules the air elementals which have been distorted from these anti-Christ reversals with lunar breath, evil winds and assorted composites of corrupted shadow elementals.



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