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Mantis aliens are perhaps the most mysterious and unsettling of all extra-terrestrial creatures. These beings appear within many abduction scenarios, with abductees reporting the ominous presence of these entities looming over their beds as they wake in the dead of night. While the Mantis is not as widely reported as the Grey or Nordic alien, it still holds an important role within many extra-terrestrial contact scenarios.
Although the Mantis tend to communicate with abductees using telepathic messages, they have been witnessed engaging one another using an auditory language. Several contactees have described the Mantis language as a series of clicking sounds exchanged between the creatures.

Some experiencers state that the Mantids are also shape shifters and use advanced technologies to create a field around their bodies to make them appear human.

The Mantis tend to be overseers, and often appear to be in leadership positions of power during an abduction. Generally, a Mantis will be accompanied by several small Grey aliens who seem to do its bidding. These small Greys are assumed to be drone beings, controlled by a hive mind and utilized by a variety of alien races.
The mantis supposedly come from the sombrero galaxy 28 million light years away from Earth. The ships they use to travel through space are not even spaceships at all, but spherical orbs that emanate light and more teleport than actually travel through the cosmos. These orb spacecrafts are always bursting with great light and seem to be able to change size as well. Mantis are highly sensitive to sound and light and look very intimidating with their huge bug like black saucer eyes



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