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Of course homosexuality is the ultimate self lie.
Trying desperately to be the opposite sex, how unfortunate.
When a gay person "realises" they're gay, it's the same thing 'oh no, i am attracted the the same sex'. When a straight person comes in, it's 'i wonder if i will find the right person to love and marry in future'.
As an Australian who knows the gay pride march is the biggest waste of tax payers money, i have to say that watching people flaunt their bodies like prostitutes do on the Las Vegas Strip and claim the rally to be about love, ignoring all the hormones and intentions to spread STD's, it truly amuses me that people who embraced a lifestyle of a never-content place outside normal society would claim "Love" when the ultimate expression is sex. Perhaps i am mistaken, but it would be nice if people stopped accepting to be something they're not and just tried to be straight like the rest of humankind. Oh well, sleet with same gender, have sex with your mother, bang your dog, what's the diff right?. Actually.. what is the diff?. None really. There is no gain, no benefit of being gay, just.. .. Nothing. Try being straight, life will be easier by 300% i promise.
I'm not judging by the way, but homosexuals don't try to be straight, they give, quit. Prove me wrong?.
I'm not saying you are a bad person, i am saying you quit, and those that think this is a method to exploit church to gain more followers, well.. LOL, church will CURE you.
Would you hate a medicine if it could cure a disease just because it made you feel happy?.
Same diff.

Not judging, just telling the truth.

That is all.



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