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Dear world,

When you hear the word, “baal”… “ball”… “bel” or related terms… there could be satanic clues.

Sure enough… “Bal-moral” castle… a fortress of satanic morals… I kinda figured there would be satanic significance to that castle and sure enough…

Video: David Icke says, “Satanic activity and human sacrifice took place at Sandringham and Balmoral, residences of the British Royals.”

A ring that connects all the Knights of Malta, secret orders and global secret societies, bloodlines and incriminates millions of Satan Worshipers around the globe. The Queen has been caught red handed in blood sacrifices at least twice a year at Balmoral Castle and connected directly to ordering the death of Princess Diana.

What Princess Diana Knew – the Official Resistance
Arizona said that she officiated at Satanic rituals at Glamis Castle in Tayside, Scotland, the childhood home of the Queen Mother, who still owns the property, and also at Balmoral, the Queen’s Scottish residence.

What The Royal Family Actually Does At Balmoral Castle – According to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Balmoral Castle shows an interesting, less formal side of the royal family. He once described his visits to the residence as “a vivid combination of the intriguing, the surreal and the utterly freaky,” as reported by The Guardian.



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