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“No known cause”

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@vaccineregrets I have posted this several times, but feel it's worth sharing. My church has an avg attendance of around 110 to 120. Last Sunday during prayer time, FOUR different people asked for prayers for families who have lost loved ones who "died suddenly." This has not happened in all of the years I have been a member. Not once. Now, it's almost a weekly event that SOMEONE has "died suddenly." Nobody is going to convince me that the Fauxi ouchy is not responsible!

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@vaccineregrets I just had a phone call from my step dad. He now has three friends with brain tumors as well a friend with newly diagnosed prostate cancer. All have been 4x covax.

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And you would be right… Dr. Fauci is responsible for the deaths of millions of people, not just in America but throughout the world.

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@SeniorSAE69 @vaccineregrets Fauxi will sion be under oath and will be forced to lie or go down.
Pray for God's goodness to rain and reign so the demons can no longer breath, as they reject all that is good and right.

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@vaccineregrets The faces of a modern day genocide.

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@vaccineregrets My 98 year old mother passed away at home July 2021. Her in home caregivers were not required by us to be vaccinated. Her main caregiver was required to get vaccinated for employment in a care facility a few months following Mom's death. She dropped dead suddenly less than 2 months after asking to use me for a reference for that job.

She was a good woman and deserved better than being forced to take an experimental vaccine.

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Those Jewish worldly genocide injections are killers!!! Did you read the label, do any research, ask questions? No!!!!!!



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