LOLI BREEDING #pedo #sexist

LifeFuel Lolis are thirsting hard for faggots like harry styles or kpop oldcels. agepill debunked lifefuel

How many becky lolis, literal 12/13 year olds(prime age) have you seen worshiping these late 20s prettyboys or semi-prettyboys with niche appeal? There are a whole lot of them. the gooks in bts(famous faggot band) are 26-28 too. Lifefuel because if they can ascend so can I all I have to do is stop balding and get the general prettyboy aesthetic. I've always been on the framelet side anyway, seems easier than gymcelling & roidcelling for years to become a robust ogre. what's the best way to prettyboymax?

Good luck trying to fuck 12 year olds lmao, i'm sure that'll turn out great for you.

no you want to befriend them and groom them early at 12 so you can penetrate them on their 14th birthday when it's legal :) obviously I'd never do anything illegal :feelzez:

Balding and pretty boy are mutually exclusive.

yeah it's not tragic yet. hopefully my non-tranny-hormone hair copes work out :dafuckfeels:

Why do you want to transform yourself based on the whims of the most vapid members of society (young girls)?

I must ascend :cryfeels: yeah it's cucked I'd much rather pillage a village and get myself a foid like in the good old days but sadly that method no longer works



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