Various TERFs #transphobia


Why is he making this sound like it's normal to catfish people. He's raped men, and is now asking how to rape women. Burn in hell.

At least with respect to this women have it "better" in that lesbian women are likely impossible to fool with ballsack labia, while the poor men who were raped by that dude were not so lucky.

He said in a different comment that the only “harassment” he got was from the mean lesbians. Yeah dude, because they know you’re a liar more than anyone?

As a straight i really feel for my lesbian sisters. Already marginalized through being female and homosexual, and now this shit

I have seen photos of "neovaginas" and instantly felt nauseous while vaginas are attractive to me lol yeah he ain't fooling those women at all.

As a straight who is into penis, i feel the same about phalloplasty, it feels like from a horror film

Because some of these Trancels seem to forget: NO ONE OWES YOU SEX.

Yep. Vaginas are natural and self cleaning. "Neovaginas" are mutilated ballsacks with anal fluid.


He has a pic of his ballva in his post history, and it does indeed look like a ballsack.

“Ballva” This is amazing 😂😂😂

They look so fucking bizarre, and they're in the wrong spot. Vaginas don't come out of the front of your body, it's exactly where the penis is. It's not like comically in front, but it's SUPER easy to clock.

A. penis. is. not. just. an. enlarged. clitoris.

A penis is essentially a cloaca. It's halfway there. Dudes are so fucking genetically defective all the tubes down there smashed together and they literally piss out of the thing they jizz out of, it's fucking gross. Is having a penis the reason NONE of them can properly wipe their own asses??



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