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Since then, every Government Agency has done everything they can to suppress and hide the TRUTH

The Secret Weapon Against Viruses (Chlorine Dioxide) The Science and Story of Chlorine Dioxide

The science and story of Chlorine Dioxide. NASA proclaimed it a universal antidote in 1987. Since that time thousands have recovered from illness using this substance, and now many physicians and scientists are saying it is powerfully effective for many applications. The documentary explores the history, safety, and efficacy of the universal antidote and provides interviews with physicians and people who have used it. The Universal Antidote Documentary was released free to the public on February 1, 2021.
The Universal Antidote Lost Documentaries Series (Understanding MMS)

The powers that be have made multiple attempts to scrub documentaries about The Universal Antidote (Chlorine Dioxide) from the web. This video series is made as an attempt to preserve this information for the historical record. The first documentary in this series is titled Understanding MMS and was produced in 2008 and contains original footage of Jim Humble, testimonials from physicians and patients, and some other interesting historical details.
Full Interview with Dave the Missionary from The Universal Antidote documentary. Dave has spent over 13 years in Africa doing missionary work in some of the poorest regions. He describes his use of chlorine dioxide (MMS) and the amazing results with Malaria, Typhoid, Skin Diseases, HIV, and more.

Over a decade ago Andreas Kalcker was cured of debilitating arthritis using The Universal Antidote (aka MMS/CDS/Chlorine Dioxide). Since that time, Andreas has dedicated his life and work to understanding chlorine dioxide and getting it out to the world. In this 1 hour interview, we talk about his own story of healing and much more.



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