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JFL Rofl I have no sympathy for the average 5'4 - 5'8 bluepilled ethnic simp living in the west/Anglosphere

Listen, if you're not at least a white guy thats 5'4 or above, its over for you. And I know there are many of you whitecels here on this forum so I don't wanna offend you guys. But this is in the west coast of the United States. (and I'm sure east coast and the pacific north west as well). This is very consistent over time. 5'4 or above for a white guy is what most average females (of all races especially white females) put at the very minimal threshold. Ethnic men have to be at least at the very minimum a 7/10 (5'8+ far above average height for a shitskin as well as muscularity).

You have to be at the very LEAST a white guy to qualify for pussy eventually down the line.(usually with noodles, but even then I see low tier white dudes with mid to high tier ethnic or white foids).

Its a very old topic that offends whitecels on this forum (PS. if youre the stormfrontcel @BummerDrummer type, crawl back into your swamp). If you're mayocel, a young white dude on this forum. Its not completely over for you like the way it is for ethnic males in the west. You can either ascend here or vastly ascend in Southeast Asia or Latin America.

I know you European whitecels feel much differently at this thread. But this is the Anglosphere I'm talking about.

This forum has gone way too fake lately. "Mayocels" where deemed the most fakest incels along with tallfags at one points". There are other incel forums besides this that say the same shit like "mayocels" are the fakest cels ever. I average fuckin 12 WMAF couples a week. Can't believe I only saw one today, thats because it was a cold, windy, and cloudy day.



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