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RE: [Discussion] Thoughts on the recent Philadelphia riots?

This is gonna sound edgy, but the west’s policy on not killing people and pursuing a pacifist route is really backfiring.

Not edgy at all, it is absolutely real. When you hear of NGOs complaining about how this or that third world country is "violating human rights", the truth is a lot of the people in those countries cannot be reasoned with and their chimpouts can only be met with lethal force. The thinking process of these people is quite literally "if the authorities are not shooting at us, it must mean they don't mind us looting and rioting".

It’s interesting how Iraq and Syria were functioning fine under dictatorships , then all of a sudden when they are deposed all hell breaks lose and we end up with refugee crises and bloody civil wars

There is a good documentary called "Africa: Blood and Guts" which shows the decolonisation process in Africa, contrary to a lot of SJW revisionists, the Europeans thought their military supremacy completely ended tribal warfare in these regions, but of course the animosity remained to when the Europeans left they just went back to killing eachother, this documentary has good footage of it.

I don’t have the attention span sadly but sounds interesting. Europe has just imported tribal conflicts and feuds which is amusing to me

Yeah it's pretty retarded, even if they do manage to conduct their anti-racism campaign successful against whites, how will they do the same for POC-on-POC blood feuds? Interestingly in the UK, most hate crimes are between minorities, South Asian and blacks often fight it out on the streets, then you have all these weird ethnic interest groups in politics. The future will be interesting to say the least.



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