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You can look at these numbers in a different way. If New York City were all white, and the additional whites committed crime at the same rate as the whites who live there now, robberies would drop by 85 percent and murders would drop by 90 percent. They’d practically disappear.

Chicago used to keep statistics like these, and they showed exactly the same pattern. In 2010, the city stopped publishing them. I wonder why.

The New York numbers are still right there on the internet. Anybody can find them. New York City is the media capital of America — crawling with journalists. How come not one of them has ever reported those numbers?

The media clearly want you to think America is a violently racist country, where black lives don’t matter. It’s a violent country alright, but white people — police or civilians — aren’t the problem. And to repeat, there is no evidence that Derek Chauvin or George Zimmerman or the men who killed Ahmaud Arbery had a racial motive at all. They may not have done everything right, but there is no evidence they had a racial motive — but the media are doing their best to convince you it was pure racism. When blacks kill or attack whites — and that happens a whole lot more often than the other way around, we’re not even supposed to hear about race. Much less think about it.

Who knows? If whites knew the facts about race and crime, they wouldn’t be marching in the streets against imaginary white “racism.” Maybe — just maybe — they’d even take their own side.



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