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(Extract from “Mass manipulation/Mass media/Mass Seduction.”; as close to a coherent thesis statement his ramblings ever get.)

Alpha Centaruri, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Shrek, and Torment are the four images to cure NAS, you were off by one cybernetic dolphin, four is the sign of death}: Games and movies combined with simulations create game theories, which are basically black magic spells to abuse, cajole, control, and manipulate people as much as the puppet, Cowabunga Howdy Doodie! Psychological experiments are sort of like this and so are live performances. […]

The source of all of this, all of this, is when we allowed greed and industry to degrade our intelligence, which affects politics, religion, and science, and makes people easier to manipulate with bad messages. Throw in a neural graft instead of an attention co processor, and the world is wired to be in control of one douchebag at the top, even worse the bottom, or the worst, both the top and bottom, a tetrahedron of lies, two projectors facing one another, passing messages with the black phone network. We should put both points at the center and create a vortex in opposing directions, only to flow back into one another to thrive in the system not survive. The last age of insanity happened during Babylon, but there have been many ages of insanity {Malkav}, something like 50,000 years ago on the genetic record, where the whole planet went insane at once. Perhaps from a mass charm spell or exposure to a toxic chemical? Unfortunately the manipulator loses at the very last nano second, Squirrel Girl always wins, she is a natural 20/20, perfect vision. Thank you Gaia for your support.



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