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For some, the same-sex kiss is enough to prevent them from taking their kids to see the movie. But for me, Lightyear raises another question that doesn’t seem to have been ‘settled’ in secular culture. It’s about gender. Alisha and her wife don’t just kiss; they have a child. In a world of post-modern, authentic self-determination, women can conceive without men. One assumes a man was involved in some way, although maybe in the Lightyear universe, that’s no longer neccessary.

If your child is watching this movie, maybe they’ll ask about it. And if you’d like to have that conversation with them, go ahead. But it’s probably more likely that they won’t question it at all, because mainstream culture teaches that two people of the same sex can just have a baby – like a man and a woman can. Gender doesn’t matter.

And Lightyear is a movie in which gender really doesn’t matter at all. Of course, this has positive elements as well as negative ones. Alisha’s granddaughter, Izzy, wants to be a space ranger, just like her grandmother. She leads a small, rag-tag team of underdogs including an old female ex-con (although her gender is very hard to discern) and a cowardly Australian man.

While moving on from the rigid archetypes of the helpless Disney princess who needs rescuing by the swashbuckling prince is a big step forward, we’ve now moved to the far extreme position: girls can do anything boys can, from being a space ranger to having a child with another woman. In fact, men and women are interchangeable in Lightyear. But why should this surprise us? After all, we live in an age in which US Supreme Court judge Ketanji Brown Jackson recently refused to define the word “woman” because she’s “not a biologist”.



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