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What should be done with First Nations people?

[deleted]: "Tell them to adopt a real value system like, oh let's say, Christianity or Judaism instead of their fucking tree worshipping spirit animal raping communist neanderthal tribalistic monkey voodoo ice age crap fest of a way of life.

Seriously. There's a very good reason they all got their asses handed to them.

"Hello natives. We bring Capitalism. We are going to build spaceships and explore the universe with science."

"Uhm, Runs-With-Bear says we must worship the trees."

"Riiiight. Say, let's box you retards into little areas while our civilization prospers." "

CapitalMM:"Remove Indian act Create official heritages (no financial implications, simply a system to celebrate their heritage) Remove nafta and increase manufacturing Remove high amount of energy restrictions and make Canada energy self reliant.

Many will leave reserves if they are not gifted a free house/land. Those that want to stay in the area can create businesses/farms (many reserves are on amazing agricultural land) or join Canada in becoming energy independent (many pipelines/oil wells ect are in remote locations)

Lastly: make them pay reparations to the tribes they wiped out before europeans came to NA. Lol can you imagine their faces."



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