Joseph Gunderson #wingnut

Old habits really do die hard. Authoritarianism still courses through the veins of Deutschland, and hey, they’re only following orders, right?

If the kind of insanity we’re experiencing in the states has you feeling, well, irked, Europe isn’t too far ahead of us, and it’s far, far worse, if only for the time being. This little old lady was just doing her thing, but apparently, she didn’t get the memo about having to have her vaccine passport on her at all times, and these polizei take their jobs very seriously.

How many officers does it take to detain a single elderly woman? At one point a woman counts, and it seems it takes nine. Are these jackboots just roving the streets in platoons? Get these guys some armbands, and we’ll be right back in the 1930s-40s.

Like so many other places around the world—Australia, France, Canada—liberty is at risk of being lost. The idea of personal freedom has been shrugged off by our governments and replaced with totalitarian control in the name of the collective good, social welfare, and social justice. And it is coming to our shores whether you want to believe it or not.

When it arrives, are you prepared to stand up for what’s right?



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