Robert Oscar Lopez #homophobia

Tier 1: The Academy Failed to Inform Us on Same-Sex Parenting

Everything starts with the universities. K-12 teachers are educated at universities, and it is among university faculty that ideological homogeneity has reached crisis levels.

Traditionalists have to start investing in journals, endowed chairs, and even their own colleges. There are large pools of unemployed Ph.D.s who want jobs. Look for the unemployed ones who support a traditionalist worldview, and employ them.

For twenty years -- in fact, up until the articles published by Loren Marks and Mark Regnerus in 2012 -- research into same-sex families was conducted under duress. A central principle of research is that studies cannot be trusted if it is clear that certain findings would result in reprisals against the researchers. After Social Science Research posted the Marks and Regnerus articles, a witch-hunt ensued by crackpot bloggers who managed to open an investigation at the University of Texas at Austin and force the publication of hundreds of pages of my e-mails (I defended Regnerus in Public Discourse).



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