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Happy 7:1:7 Portal of the Great Awakening!

We have another intense day of activations and upgrades coming in directly from the Great Central Sun and our local Solaris releases multiple flares with 3 C Class and an m 1.1 Class flare. We also see a lot of activity on the Schumann charts today with several pulses of white light at amplitudes at 15 hz, 36 hz, 43 hz and a big blast at 52 hz. Fifth Dimensional Resonance flowing in from on High. These pulsing and flashes of Higher Light are building for the major release of the Great Solar Flash for our Quantum Leap of Consciousness to the New Earth and New Golden Age of Eternal Life.

Continue raising your vibrations while holding the line as Light Keepers of the Way of Peace, Prosperity, Abundance and Bliss for all Sentient Beings of the Pure Light. As we journey higher up the Ascension Spiral we anchor deep into the Crystalline Core of Pachamama the Codes of Freedom and Joy to assist Gaia in her expansion and activation in the Light. Keep laughing your Way to Liberation.

We are in the midst of the Great Shift of the Ages so we are coming into the finale phases and stages of the chaotic nodes as all is flowing into higher coherence as the cymatics raise to a Higher Sacred Geometric Pattern of Infinite Light and the Unconditional Love of Christ consciousness.

In our True Nature of the Unborn Mind of Buddha we walk the Middle Path of Balance and Harmony with the Tao and usher in the New Eden of the Paradisiacal Timeline of the Pure Land of Amida Buddha, here and Now…A’Ho!



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