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When I first started investigating the evidence of alien beings, I was amazed by what I found and immediately sought a scriptural explanation. In my studies, I found testimonies of Christians who had been confronted by this same evidence but were unable to explain it from the scriptures so they committed suicide. It literally blew their mind but it didn’t have to be like that because all the answers were right there all along.
I knew they were not from another planet because I have a list of scriptures proving there is no life on other planets. So if they weren’t angels and weren’t human and weren’t from another planet then history must be repeating as the angels have been up to their old tricks again.
The advanced technology required to genetically engineer hybrid beings and make them look in some cases like little aliens and in other cases like ordinary human beings requires the kind of advanced and forbidden knowledge the fallen angels have possessed from the beginning, so their breeding program is not as far-fetched as it might sound at first. Yet, despite all their great knowledge of heavenly secrets, God did not give angels the essential requirement for any breeding program, which is the womb of a woman. God designed the woman’s womb to do amazing things that no one else, not even angels, can replicate. So human women are an essential component in their breeding program so the angels can mate with human women, just as they’ve been doing from the beginning.

After these women are impregnated, the angels allow them to carry their offspring during the first trimester, which is when the new life is produced and formed. During this time, the womb is still small so women don’t appear to be pregnant and in some cases they don’t even know they’re pregnant. After the first trimester, the angels and their cohorts visit the woman again and remove the offspring to complete the birthing process in their high tech facilities.



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