Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
It shouldn't take days or weeks to count all legal votes in an election. It should take one day, and one day is all it took until very recently.

Do not let the Left gaslight you into forgetting when our country's elections were normal and fair.

@DrPaulGosar 👆👆👆
It DOES take days , or weeks , to COUNT ballots , when you intend to CHEAT .
And this is what the MARXIST
( Democrat ) party does .

( @bigrig640 )
@STEVEKESPO @DrPaulGosar bolshevik bastards. Filious nulious

( @Zander9899 )
@DrPaulGosar If you've figured out that 81,284,000 votes for Biden was mathematically impossible

Wait until you hear about the truth about the "Six Million" (for which we've all paid billions per year for 75 years....)

( @odysseus64 )
@Zander9899 @DrPaulGosar The smoking gun. Thanks.

( @Mojave_MGTOW )
@DrPaulGosar Well of course it is going to take many days to count the votes. The Democrats need to know how many fraudulent votes they need to enter into the system to flip the election results. That's how it works, especially in Phoenix, to flip the state from red to blue.

( @BenDown )
@DrPaulGosar You sir are correct, it DOES only take one day to count all LEGAL votes.



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