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Jew calls for the German people to free themselves of the guilt that's been forced on them for the last 77 years.

Meanwhile, Russia encourages the German people to continue feeling guilty and hating themselves.

I don't care whose side you're on, this is one fucking unreal timeline we're living in.

@Nature_and_Race The German people are a dog that's been beaten its whole life.

@EddieHaskill @Nature_and_Race but the German elites have caused humanity a lot of suffering, by coming up with destructive, revolutionary creeds (Protestantism, several forms of socialism, Marxism albeit indirectly) and by fomenting revolutions and wars (they protected Lenin and unleashed him on the Russians, they carved up Eastern Europe with the Soviets). In more recent times their corrupt politicians have severely weakened Europe by selling out its energy policy to the Russians. Plus, they are responsible for squashing any real historical research on the Holocaust and WW2 in general - they are the most rabid opponents of free speech on this topic, and violent about it. I used to admire German society but overall they have been a destructive force in many ways.

@Nature_and_Race It only proves the Russians are consistent and the jews are opportunistic bastards.

@Nature_and_Race :honk: Ukrainian NAZIs are animals and have absolutely nothing in common with the virtues of National Socialists.

@Nature_and_Race If anything it's the Russians that should feel guilty for what they did to the German people after the war

@Nature_and_Race I think they are going for a state of complete confusion by design. It's no coincidence that they put a jew in charge of Ukraine just before they invaded Europe. Since covid, operation mindfuck has been in full flow and there is disinformation from multiple angles. You have to trust your instinct to a degree.



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