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Our original genetics was composed of 12 strands or 12 strings of DNA
This diamond sun DNA permitted interdimensional travel and existence without deterioration

Double diamond DNA was 24 strands
And emerald sun DNA was 48 strands
Regenesis of digressive DNA lines will occur when the emerald sun returns

The Essenes held a strand of DNA for reassembling scrambled or mutated genes
It contained the crystal code gene for the diamond sun silicate matrix

This gene activated stargates and contacted their higher stations of identity
And connected them with the sound frequencies of the Living Light
It manifested the cosmic crystallization of the Christ blueprint

The integration and healing of all 12 levels of DNA coding
Will unite and merge to form the complete silicate matrix

The human race suffers without the proper functioning of their mitochondrial DNA
And is unable to effectively generate new proteins for DNA synthesis that activates the crystal gene
The foundation of human DNA is crystallized frequency which is patterns of electromagnetic light
That group into crystalline form as DNA seed codes

Each DNA strand is composed of frequency patterns and the light spectrum of one dimensional band
The template for 1 DNA strand contains 12 electron wave patterns

Each strand represents a fire letter code program sequence
That corresponds to 1 dimensional frequency band of consciousness
One DNA strand equals 24 seed codes

The level of frequencies accreted in ones personal morphogenetic aura
Will determine the level of DNA strand a person will possess

Higher frequency DNA will be silicate or etheric waves of plasma
The physical body will therefore be less dense and more refined

We are automatically shifting our carbon atoms
To more polished and purified states

And we are elevating our oscillating patterns and vibrational sequences to higher phases
Resulting in enhanced physical conditions!



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