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I want to share with you how politics and parapolitics differ. I have been told by many people that I make claims that I am not political and that I uses parapolitical talk as a cover for a political agenda. I often argue that when I speak of parapolitical activities, I see it as an exercise in ponerology, the science of evil and the demonological way in which politics are used as a form of magik with a K or alchemical ritual that mesmerizes people into acting a certain way, basically acting upon the wishes of the master magician or puppet master.

I want to illustrate tonight, how retro-causal magic works. It is a simple trick of using language as a virus.
Throw in some authoritarian charisma and a little retro-causal voodoo and you have a poor population being told that the future survival of their race depends on their adherence to authoritarian superiors guided by a synarch or unknown brotherhood.

The challenge is how to illustrate that the same type or retrocausal magik is being used in the United States?
They call it the New Normal or the Neo-Normal.

I believe that it will be a paraneonormal. A government that is a shadow if its former self, where the people no longer will be self-governed but forced into a peasant class and will be ruled accordingly.
It can be argued that retro causal magik is working in the present and that a Luciferian brotherhood is again working its magic to program us for the New Age of enlightenment, when in reality, it will be the acceptance of tyranny forcing everyone to give up.



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