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I’m no expert but from an evolutionary perspective, women chase the alpha male to maximize mating benefits. In nazi occupied countries, local women sleeping and having babies with German soldiers were common place (that is beyond normal collaboration of the vanquished like a local bureaucrat that cooperated with nazi authorities to keep on making a living). A lot of black women in the US under slavery willingly courted slave owners to hope making an offspring with him. So women tend to sleep with victors. In SA, It is clear the ANC has won of course. The fact that in SA it’s marxist women with PhDs who do it the most, that can certainly be explained by the fact that these ladies have been more deeply indoctrinated by cultural marxist deconstructionist views, I’m not sure. However, if SA is a sign of times to come in the US, we know where our own marxist white ladies stand today...

What you say makes a lot of sense. And, I never bought that white men were just forcefully raping unwilling black women during slavery. Sure, perhaps it may have happened at some time, but typically, women will go for the most dominant male or who she perceives as most dominant. I don't doubt that during slavery it was a coveted position to be the mistress of the slave owner or one of his sons.

Her life was probably one of leisure that other slaves envied and any offspring she had by him would likely be well looked after and probably even get an inheritance. Of course I would guess that this position of mistress went to the most attractive of mulatto women or light skinned black women as white men typically aren't crazy about black women now and there's no reason to think they were in the 19th century, which makes allegations of rampant rape of black women by white men even more far fetched.

I remember reading awhile ago that the majority of mulatto slave children were fathered not by the plantation owner, but by the white men who were hired to manage the slaves and the land.

It was also stated that for the most part, these men would give little trinkets and extra favors to the young women they were interested in (usually lighter-skinned) as a way to get the women to consent, rather than taking them by force.

Most of the young women were compliant because of the preferential treatment they received, but the ones who said no were mostly left alone. The rare cases where the men harmed them could result in severe punishment by the plantation owner, as slaves were not allowed to be harmed nor punished without the owner's prior knowledge and consent.

Interestingly, this created a lot of hostility between dark-skinned and light-skinned slave women. Not just for the gifts and the implication that the mulattoes were more beautiful, but because they were house slaves or had easier jobs than the others. Basically, house slaves were treated like garbage by the farm slaves out of resentment.

Yeah it likely wasn't this rape carnival of black women by white men as we are led to believe. They have already made millions of people believe that gangs of white supremacist go around hunting for black men to kill right now in 2020. How difficult would it be to get those same people to believe that white men were rampantly raping black women in 1820?



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