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( SayNoToTRAs )
What are your thoughts on socialism/communism?

I believe the gender movement is heavily linked to capitalism, and part of the reason it's being pushed so hard in the US in particular is because of our ultra capitalist system. It's making thousands of people dependent on big pharma companies for the rest of their lives, and TiMs also boost capitalism by buying unnecessary products to aid their transition.


Thus, I believe, if implemented correctly, socialism could be a benefit to women, and would have less of a place for gender ideology.

( Kestrel )
I've gone from being against capitalism to actually against industrial civilization entirely, one book at a time. As Derrick Jensen says, this way of life cannot last, and it would better for more of the planet to be left than less. In the more immediate perspective I lean socialist, but it's not like I'm very politically active.

( Escapedacult )
Honestly I just do not have enough knowledge to comment on what would be better for women..but I wanted to point out that I too think gender stuff is heavily linked to capitalism....not just consumerism but the 'constant growth' mindset too... ideology is something that seems to evolve over time. Sometimes for good and sometimes for worse. [...]

Anyway, the crazy capitalism/consumerism link to grnddr ideology is interesting to me, since so many of those with gender identifiers also preach about how awful capitalism is. And sometimes even put "communist" or "socialist" right front and center of thir personalities right behind their is just so ironic, hypocritical, confusing? The disconnect is so insane to me....

( sarstan )
Socialism, sure. Communism, NO. I just finished the Gulag Archipelago and Masha Gessen's the Future is History and am reading (audiobook tho) Anne Applebaum's Iron Curtain about the non-Russian eastern European countries post WWII. I also recently finished "First They Killed My Father" about Cambodia's revolution. I am reading these types of books because the gender stuff reminds me of other authoritarian or totalitarian regimes in history, especially the compelled language, the newspeak, the vitriol towards dissenters, the lies and absurdity etc. The parallels are quite scary.




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