Personalityinkwell #sexist

[Soy] With the way young girls dress, I wonder how many fathers secretly jerk off to their daughters.

I honestly can't tell you how many times I've seen a father with his teen daughter wearing revealing clothing. I'm talking crop tops and booty shorts on girls aged 12-14. We live in such a soyciety that fathers probably think it's normal and "healthy" for their little girls to be in sexual relationships in their teens. They know their little daughter is getting railed by teen Chads, and they see their daughters dressed like total whores.

There's all sorts of incest porn, incest subreddits, and fetishes that exist. So many fathers probably would fuck their daughters given the chance, considering many of them aren't even getting action from their wife. Seeing their little girl dress like a piece of fuckmeat is probably fap fuel for these old marriedcels.



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