Cynthia McKinney and Stew Peters #conspiracy #racist #psycho #crackpot

On his eponymous Rumble show[…]Stew Peters interviewed ex-congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. McKinney told Peters that Israelis have “penetrated” the U.S. government, and that the U.S. “put Zionist Jews in control” of Ukraine after staging a “coup” in 2014[…]
“So we have been called, at this program, antisemitic for pointing out factually that 100% of our media is funded by, what appears to be, Israel’s lobby,” Peters said, claiming that “most of Biden’s cabinet” are people who “happen to call themselves Jews”[…]
McKinney told Peters that she “absolutely” sees it that way, and told him that “we’ve got a Congress, a legislative branch, of 535 individuals” who “all swear some kind of allegiance to Israel, one way or the other, because that’s the way you get campaign financed”

“So they have penetrated the executive branch, the legislative branch. They have penetrated our state and local branches of government,” she said. “And you know, Stew, if you print the money then money is not an object for you. So these people have access to unlimited amounts of money”[…]
“When Robert Kennedy said that the spike protein in the Pfizer and the Moderna shots was ethnically specific, he told the truth, because I was the one that found the study,” McKinney claimed[…]
“So it’s not all Jews that have this immunity[…]That very same spike protein that was attached to coronavirus and caused the illness, and then was made to replicate inside one’s body, probably forever, by the injections — the COVID injections

McKinney also suggested that “Black nationalists” and “white nationalists” can work together for a common cause and create an “unstoppable” union. Citing Black and white cooperation during Bacon’s Rebellion, McKinney said there has been an “orchestration of division”[…]
McKinney agreed with Peters’ repeated calls for “extreme accountability” — the phrase he uses to refer to executing his political opponents. “When you say ‘extreme accountability,’ we have to have it”



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