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[Serious] Women are property

Women should be treated as property, under the ownership of her father, or any other men in her immediate family.

They don't have any intellectual capacity, they constantly make poor decisions and are very emotionally unstable.

The only function they serve to society is through childbirth and then rearing the children. They serve no other purpose.

The men of the house decide whom she may marry, and premarital sex should be disallowed. Society is already seeing the results of allowing women to choose their partners; single motherhood is at an all time high, and women initiating divorces is also at an all time high. So it's time to take this decision from their hands, it's obvious that they cannot be trusted with this responsibility.

P.S. Ideally, they should be caged, like zoo animals within the home. What's the point of letting them outside? All they'll do is end up slutting around and making a mockery of themselves. Their naturally promiscuous and vulgar behavior should be curbed.



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