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What to do if wokes turn all bathrooms into unisex


( carpetplaydohx2 )
Something tells me the transbros will not be happy about this either. Well, half of them, anyway -- they'll be faint with "dysphoria." The other half will be falling over themselves to get at the blood for their own fake periods.

( Radical_Phoenix )
Check out their penises while they pee and then share the intel you gained around.

( Owlchaser )

( Boudicaea )
As loudly as possible

( RighteousIndignation )
dont forget to laugh.

( Lipsy )
Needs moar contingency plan for when middle-aged AGPs start fishing through the trash and otherwise combing the premises for discarded cups to... idk shove up their butts or something ((shudders))

( Eava )
That is why they don't want separate bathrooms. No used products to find.

( pellucidar )
I've only ever seen disposable discs, but you can rinse those first, too. There's no stopping men from buying new ones anyway.

( Lipsy )
I don't think brand new ones would rlly scratch their proverbial itch, tbh. Although I'm happy to say i am not any kind of expert on this 🤪 and could be very wrong indeed.

( Carrots90 )
Unfortunately, I agree with you



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